The essential design of the motorcycle helmet has remained unchanged for decades, but one Australian firm – Vozz Helmets – has brought out a helmet that could alter the way motorcyclists put on protective headgear forever.

The Vozztek Systems RS 1.0 splits in two parts with a hinge at the top-rear of the helmet. This allows the wearer to place the opened helmet over their head, with their face into the front section, before locking the rear section into place around the back of their head.

The new design aims to make putting on a helmet much quicker and easier. The manufacturer also says it will be easier and safer to remove in an emergency situation.

Among the other benefits of the RS 1.0, according to the firm, are the elimination of the need for a chin strap and improved noise reduction. It also offers a more tailored fit and should be warmer for motorcyclists in colder climates.

The chin cup can also be adjusted to the rider's jaw shape, by a system located behind the cheek pads.

The new helmet will be available in three different shell sizes, together with three polystyrene liner options.

Only Australians can buy the helmet at time of writing, but the firm will be launching its online store on 23 December; sadly for our motorcycle breakdown cover customers, not in time for Christmas.

UK pricing has not yet been published.

Watch a demonstration of the helmet here: