A car's MPG figure is increasingly important for car buyers. The higher the figure, the less money spent on fuel and the lower the emissions – which benefits the environment and can reduce or eliminate Vehicle Excise Duty.

The current crop of high MPG vehicles is dominated by electric vehicles.

How is the MPG equivalent (MPGe) figure arrived at?

The MPG equivalent figure for electric cars is, in very over-simplified terms, based on how much heat would be generated if you ignited a gallon of petrol. A certain amount of Kwh of electricity would be required to generate the same amount of heat. With this number, an electric car's equivalent MPG figure can then be arrived at.


RENAULT Twizy Electric Car Expression 13kW Auto

Foto VDW/Bigstock.com

MPGe: 211

£6,996 + £45/mth battery lease

Costing just 3.4p per mile to run, the Renault Twizy is among the most economical vehicles ever produced. However, with a range of 62 miles you wouldn’t want to attempt Land's End to John O' Groats without working out where the recharge stations were.



RENAULT Twizy Cargo Electric Van 13kW Auto

MPGe: 211

£7,795 + £45/mth battery lease

OK, Renault has been rather creative with the use of the word "van" here, but you could certainly fit a picnic basket and an overnight holdall in this diminutive quadricycle.



By Mr.choppers - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20398725

MPGe: 211


This stylish three-wheeler was not designed for massive Tesco shops or extended-family road trips, but it sure does offer a superb cost per mile figure (3.4p) – and it’s great fun to drive.


SMART fortwo cabrio Electric Drive Prime Premium 60kW Auto


MPGe: 196

£18,560 - inclusive of OLEV grant

This vehicle does at least look a bit like a regular car, boasting enough space for an incredible two people. With cheeky looks and a per-charge range of 96 miles, SMART still leads the way in practical electric runabouts.


SMART fortwo coupe Electric Drive Prime Premium 60kW Auto

MPGe: 193

£16,420 - inclusive of OLEV grant

Adding a roof to your SMART fortwo will save you a couple of grand and increase range by three miles, but the MPGe figure is slightly lower than its roofless sibling.


PEUGEOT iOn Electric 47kW Auto


£15,995 inclusive of OLEV grant

MPGe: 194

This egg-like runabout has space for four people and boasts a range of 93 miles. A refined offering from the French car giant, but not quite a match for the well-established Nissan Leaf. Its MPGe figure, however, is impressive.


HYUNDAI IONIQ Electric Premium Auto


OTR £24,995 - inclusive of OLEV grant

MPGe: 220

This large family 5-door delivers a range of 174 miles and is available with three drive trains: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric – the latter is featured here.


SMART forfour Electric Drive Prime Premium 60kW Auto


OTR £16,915 - inclusive of OLEV grant

MPGe: 196

A four-seat supermini with super-low running costs of 2.9p per mile. As with all cars in this list, no VED is payable and emissions are zero.


BMW i3 Electric Car 94Ah Auto


£29,570 - inclusive of OLEV grant

MPGe: 193

The technology-packed electric i3 delivers superb handling and futuristic looks. Great if you need four seats, although the carriage doors – while rather fetching – could get a little annoying in day-to-day life.



VW e-Golf Electric Car 100kW Auto

Christopher Halloran/Bigstock.com

£27,690 - inclusive of OLEV grant

MPGe: 199

VW has struggled to keep pace with the electric competition, but recent incarnations of the e-Golf have been well-received by the automotive fraternity. VW's reliability credentials allied with a 186-mile range and a very respectable MPGe figure make this a good choice for those seeking a low-cost family runabout.