Getting one’s car fix used to be a rather limited affair. Decades ago you’d be happy with your weekly hit of a fresh-faced Jeremy Clarkson making glib remarks about an Aston Martin, then maybe a Sunday afternoon drive in your dad’s Skoda. Today, a whole universe of automotive loveliness is but a click away: hours of top-class documentaries, loony stunts and bonkers dash-cam footage has made the Internet an amazing place for car lovers. But how to sort the wheat from the chaff, the wheelies from the hatches? Here are 10 of the most entertaining YouTube car channels ever…

Motor Trend

Most car enthusiasts subscribe to Motor Trend for its highly entertaining Road Kill episodes. Animal lovers need not worry, however, as the folks behind RK are primarily concerned with driving loud, fast and usually quite old cars – rather than flattening coyotes (it's based in the US). Many Road Kill videos have racked up well over a million views.

Colin Furze

UK-based Colin Furze doesn't exactly feature cars on his channel – he features, erm, other stuff. For example, he recently built a bicycle fitted with a huge frame on which he carried a thousand rockets, which he let off – that sort of thing. He also built his own hover bike – and he fitted fireworks to that too. In fact, he fits fireworks to most of his contraptions. So the only question is, why are you still reading this?


We don’t know what these Russians are saying, but it must be pretty entertaining stuff, since they have 2.5m subscribers. Luckily, The Russian Federation's answer to Top Gear is fun to watch even if your Russian extends solely to 'dasvidaniya'. Outlandish vehicles in outlandish locations, reviewed by a man who seems deeply in love with motors.

Jay Leno's Garage

Leno fuses his passion for talking to people with his passion for automobiles, on his hugely popular YouTube channel. His connections and his own fame get him into places few others reach – such as the McLaren factory and inside the SLR Stirling Moss Edition – with Stirling Moss behind the wheel.

Tax the Rich

They haven't posted much in a while, but it's still worth checking out the old episodes of Tax the Rich. Low on talk and high on action, this channel is great for short, sharp, fun automotive fixes. Highlights include wakeboarding while being dragged by a Ferrari, and pulling donuts on a country estate in a Rolls Royce Wraith. Nuf said.


The YouTube Channel of Evo Magazine is a delight for the geekiest of performance car and hot hatch lovers. The height of automotive journalism, coupled with superior production values. Subscribe now.


More fantastic production values, this time with a documentary feel, Petrolicious has made sumptuous car films on everything from the legendary David Hobbs and his 1970 Ferrari 512, to the 1957 Lambretta scooter.


Featuring a vast number of superb car reviews, Drive is one of the most accomplished of YouTube’s car channels. The Drive brand opens some seriously impressive doors: think a behind the scenes look at Bentley's all-new Continental GT prototype, or a beautifully-made documentary about Bugatti.

Car Throttle

Another super high quality automobile channel is UK-based Car Throttle. Their main man Alex Kersten was recently offered the chance by Ferrari to drive the new 488 GTB – which demonstrates the high esteem in which the Car Throttle name is held.

1320 Video

If you love your street car vids then join the 1.6million subscribers of 1320 video. Enjoy street racing clips from across the US and around the world, as well as tyre-popping burnouts and other adrenaline-pumping, but rather silly, stunts.