Photograph by Navigator84, distributed under CC BY 4.0


China - the workshop of the world - has long delighted global consumers with affordable electronics, white goods and vehicles. But not everyone is happy with the astonishing output of Chinese factories - least among them the car designers who have had their vehicle designs copied by companies in the Middle Kingdom.


Here are seven Chinese cars that look remarkably like seven other non-Chinese cars.


Geely CK3 - or should we say - Mercedes Benz C-Class?


Geely's CK3 and Merrie 300 models bear a striking similarity to the Mercedes Benz C-Class. Co-incidence?


Geely GE - or should we say - Rolls Royce Phantom?

Photograph by Roger Wo, distributed under CC BY 2.0


Any auto-maker with the urge to copy another firm's wares might as well go for the crème de la crème - which many would say is the Rolls Royce Phantom. The predecessor of the pictured car arguably looked even more like Britain's finest motor.


Dongfeng “Warior” - or should we say - Humvee

Photograph by Lieutenantpdg, distributed under CC BY 3.0


In status-obsessed China, the Humvee is the last word in masculine, look-at-me transportation. But rather than importing costly US-made originals, some believe they simply make much cheaper copies - like the DongFeng "Warior" pictured.


Lifan 330 - or should we say - Mini Cooper?

Photograph by Swoolverton, distributed under CC BY 3.0


Is it a Lifan 330? Or is it a Mini Cooper? This copy is simultaneously a blatant reproduction, and yet nowhere near as likeable as the original cheeky little motor.


Chery QQ3 - or should we say - GM Spark?

Photograph by Order_242, distributed under CC BY 2.0


It did not escape the attention of General Motors that the Chinese-built Chery QQ3 looked undeniably similar to its own Spark, a situation resulting in Chery being sued by the US auto giant. Among the many similarities highlighted, GM top brass pointed out that the doors of the QQ3 and the Spark were interchangeable.


Shuanghuan Auto Noble

Photograph by Overlaet, distributed under CC BY 3.0


The all-electric Shuanghuan Auto Noble looks rather like a Smart Fortwo, although the Noble apparently has space for four people - (it's difficult to work out where the extra two would sit, mind you). Mercedes-Benz filed a lawsuit against Shuanghuan for their mischievous copy.


Shuanghuan SCEO - or should we say - Toyota Land Cruiser?

Photograph by AlexanderFPbusse, distributed under CC BY 3.0


Depending on which angle you look at it, the Shuanghuan SCEO bears more than a passing resemblance to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the BMW X5 and the BMW X3. Even the badge, some say, looks like that of SsangYong.