Most of us are fairly decent, rule-abiding motorists. At worst, we might think we look like Ryan Gosling out of Drive, while actually looking more like Mr Bean in his Mini Metro; or think that we resemble Thelma or Louise, when we're actually more like Maureen Rees from the BBC's Driving School.

But there are moments when common sense departs at Junction 14 of the M25, leaving some people to commit driving stunts that are as ill-considered and not-very-funny as anything on the revamped Top Gear.

Here are ten of those moments:

1. Reading a paperback taped to your steering wheel

We all like a good page-turner, but one man took 'reading the road' a bit too literally, by taping an open novel to his steering wheel - which could have had a very bad ending.

2. Looking sheepish

Then there was the guy who had a sheep in his lap while behind the wheel, spotted by one astonished Reddit user.

3. Losing the thread

It is not uncommon, in some parts, to see people sewing or knitting while behind the wheel. And apparently that requires two hands - i.e. both of them.

4. Fast food

Driving instructors can be a strict lot. But spare a thought for the students of one teacher, who would insist they were bought a McDonald's meal if said student was late. The learner would not be given the keys unless they stumped up the fast food.

5. Cut it out

Shopping coupons are a great way to reduce the weekly grocery bill, but one lady took it too far by cutting out her coupons while driving. This was spotted by a shocked Reddit user, whose incredulous glance was rewarded with a rather rude gesture.

6. Water palava

India presents western visitors with all manner of shocking driving stories. But the instance of the two young lads hanging on to the bonnet of a moving truck must trump most. One was at the top pouring water from a bucket onto the radiator - a rudimentary approach to cooling the engine. Below, the other lad held another bucket to catch the falling water. They would then swap buckets and continue the process.

7. Barking

Then there was the sleeping truck driver who was woken by the sound of a dog barking outside his cabin. After 10 minutes of being disturbed by the loud woofing, the driver got up to confront the canine. He was astonished to find a grown man barking just like a regular Fido. The driver promptly started up his truck and drove off. The man chased him, as you "might expect an angry dog to do, barking all the while."

8. Multi-tasking

Women are famously good at multi-tasking, but one lady took things to the extreme when she was spotted "with a cigarette in one hand, a cup of coffee in that same hand, driving with her elbows and talking on a cell phone at the same time.” Not only poor driving etiquette, but illegal.

9. A close shave

And let's not forget the man who was spotted shaving in his mirror while doing "about 70" on the motorway. He would wave the razor out the window to blow the foam off…