The many advantages of being tall don’t always extend to the realm of motoring: if you're six foot plus, you'll find many car interiors are just too small for comfort.

That's why it's critical to make sure your next car has enough legroom and height. When checking out candidates, you may need to play around with the positions of the steering wheel and seat to ensure you have enough room.

And crucially, if you're carrying passengers in the rear, you'll need to ensure they too have enough space once you've got your own seat position sorted.


Choosing a spacious car: quick tips

  • Pick a car with an adjustable steering wheel - ideally one that allows you to adjust rake (up or down) and reach (distance from your hands).
  • Avoid cars with sunroofs, since the additional mechanical components reduce head height.
  • Avoid sports cars and convertibles: they often have less leg room, and offer little passenger space, even before you've slid your seat all the way back!


Cars for taller drivers: Our top 10 picks


Citroën Berlingo MPV

The somewhat funky-looking Berlingo is based on a down-to-earth van, so you can expect lots of head and legroom. Indeed, there's so much space in the rear that Peugoet have managed to add a 90-litre storage area above passengers' heads. It offers a good range of equipment and is economical to boot.


SEAT Leon hatchback

This sporty Spanish number demonstrates that you don’t need an SUV or an MPV to enjoy plenty of head and legroom. Powerful yet frugal engines, great styling and lots of equipment (cruise control, LED headlamps, smartphone mirroring - on all models) make the Leon a great choice for the taller person with a love of the open road.


Audi Q7 SUV

The Q7 may ooze style, but it's also very practical - especially for the taller motorist. This is mostly thanks to the boxy shape - which benefits longer-limbed passengers, too. The interior is so luxurious and well-crafted, parts of it feature on the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus - both owned by Audi.


Suzuki Ignis

The Ignis is a great choice for taller drivers on a budget. Despite its apparently diminutive visage, the Ignis offers a lot of upright space, with all models (apart from entry-level SZ3) featuring a sliding rear seat, so you can enjoy either extra legroom or a bigger boot. It's not luxurious, but it's well-made and is more fun to drive than you might imagine.


Nissan Note

While not as stylish as the Ignis, the Note delivers big on practicality. For taller drivers, head room is plentiful, while rear seats can be slid back (on most models) so you can increase either leg space or boot capacity. Passengers also get plenty of room.


Volkswagen Tiguan

If you could take a Golf, stretch it out and raise the chassis, you'd have something akin to the Tiguan. It offers more leg and head room than many SUVs, but we recommend avoiding the SEL and R-Line Tech models, because the added sunroof diminishes the driver's head room due to the extra mechanics required.


Ford Kuga

Launched in 2012, the Kuga is getting on a bit - but it's still a great vehicle. The 2017 update ensures the Kuga at least looks the part - and for taller drivers it's a winner. Higher than most of its competitors and with a long wheelbase, the cabin has plentiful space whether you're sitting front or rear.


Hyundai i30

A thrilling ride it may not be, but among family hatchbacks it's one of the roomiest vehicles you can buy. Only those pushing way past six foot will find the driver's position claustrophobic, while rear space is more than sufficient.


Mercedes E-Class Estate

'Cathedral-like' may be overstating the spaciousness of the E-Class, but not by much. Both drivers and passengers enjoy a great deal of leg and head room. Meanwhile, the driving experience isn't too exciting, but the cabin is one of the plushest and well-made you'll find anywhere.


Skoda Kodiaq SUV

The Kodiaq is fitted with three rows of seats (maximum seven occupants), but taller passengers will be more comfortable on the second row, or in the front. For drivers, headroom and legroom is plentiful. Plus, with great performance, rugged build quality and a smart interior, the Kodiaq is an all-round great SUV.