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The joys of long-distance biking are best enjoyed with a highly capable machine. The following 10 touring motorcycles have been selected for their rider and passenger comfort, large tanks, generous luggage capacity and superb mechanical reliability. 


Suzuki V Strom MotorcycleCredit: walterericsy -

Suzuki V-Strom 1050

The 1050 adventure tourer has received updated electronics, refreshed exterior styling and a Euro5-compliant engine.

Its liquid-cooled v-twin and low RPM helps you feel the road while enjoying a comfortable ride.

A plethora of advanced rider tech helps you maintain maximum control, with Suzuki's Easy-Start System, clutch assist and traction control.

With great range (helped by the 20-litre tank), adjustable screen and laidback seating position, the 1050 will attract those who enjoy steady, comfortable adventure touring - at an affordable price.



MPG 57.65


Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Motorcycle

Credit: charnsitr -

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 XPT

Long one of Kawasaki's best-sellers in the UK, this incarnation carries forward the line's sports-bike heritage.

It marries superb touring prowess with top-notch sports-bike performance.

Features include a double-bubble smoked windshield and front-and-rear frame sliders for added wet protection. Its 1400CC liquid-cooled engine delivers an impressive 142 HP, and also features Kawasaki's traction control and anti-lock braking system, alongside cruise control and smartphone connectivity.

It's a very good package for the starting price of £12,349 - and cheaper than many competitors in this bracket.




43 mpg

Harley Davidson Road Glide

Credit: Moose -

Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

A meaty 8868CC engine belies this off-beat looking Harley, with a front reminiscent of some exotic large-headed insect.

It's nothing if not unique, but it’s the heaviest bike in the current line up, with the lowest power. That said, its 89 HP will suffice for everyone but the most ardent of speed demons.

Like all Harley's this is a premium motorcycle (as per the 25K price tag) that is sure to turn heads - praying mantis-style.




39 MPG


Yamaha Tracer MotorcycleCredit: brudertack69 -

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

The 9 GT is small but powerful with its 890CC liquid-cooled motor, and is the sportiest Tracer yet from the Japanese motorbike supremos.

LED cornering lights, heated grips and a lightweight frame are some of the key features.

This classic-style tourer is both comfortable and rideable, aided by new technology such as a quick shift system, lean-sensitive rider aids, and electronic suspension.

The price tag for all this is an agreeable £12,199, which could make this model a dominant player in the UK sports tourer market.




55 MPG


Kawasaki Versys 1000S TourerCredit: OceanProd -


Kawasaki Versys 1000S tourer

The high-spec makeover of the Versys 1000 delivers a good deal of extra bling and fancy tech.

Key features include 56 litre panniers, adjustable windscreen, LED lights and heated grips.

It also comes with an innovative paint job consisting of semi-liquid molecules that shift around to conceal scruffs and scrapes. Also includes traction control, cornering ABS and anti-lock brakes.

The 1043CC in-line engine adds to the fun factor, while long-travel suspension and 17-inch wheels make this ideal for ambitious trips.




51.3 MPG


KTM 1290 Super Duke MotorcylceCredit: brudertack69 -

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

This GT's engine is smooth, responsive and reliable, thanks to its four-titanium-valve cylinder heads and its lightweight crankshaft. It also delivers an impressive 175 HP - the most powerful on this list.

Superior ergonomics, adjustable suspension, a 20-litre fuel tank and Pirelli tyres combine to make this a fantastic long-distance tourer, while maintaining a sporty demeanour.

It also features multi-adjustable handlebars, heated grips, a nine-way adjustable windshield, cornering ABS, LED lights, traction control, and cruise control.

Phew! No wonder it costs over 17K!



1,301cc ENGINE

43 mpg


Triumph Tiger Sport Motorcycle

Credit: pomphotothailand -

Triumph Tiger Sport

For both riding and touring, Triumph's Tiger is ideal.

The British motorbike brand has re-written the rulebook on long-distance touring here, while the marque's signature 1050CC engine, sporty styling and three rider modes result in a capable, responsive and versatile riding experience.

Top tech such as ABS and cruise control lets you cruise around in dynamic comfort. Its matt black body with neon detailing also looks fabulous. It features a six-speed gearbox and ride-by-wire throttle. And all this for just under 11K.

Sadly the Tiger is not UK-made (production has shifted to Thailand for production Triumphs, although the brand remains UK-owned).



1050CC engine

54 mpg 

BMW K1600 MotorcycleCredit: OceanProd -


BMW K1600 GT

Imbued with the styling and sporty road presence of its forebears, the BMW K1600 GT features a large adjustable electronic screen, and dynamic ESA as standard, which ensures the best damper settings in every scenario.

Rider comfort is the 1600 GT's raison d'être, while fuel pit-stops will be limited thanks to the huge 26.5 litre tank. #

The six cylinder engine is smooth and responsive, producing 160 HP, and the bike is packed with other high-end features: Xenon headlights, watertight storage, ABS Pro, reverse gear, hill start control, three riding modes, cruise control, traction control, and heated seating grips.

With all this, it's no wonder the K1600GT will set you back nearly 20K in entry-level form.



50 MPG

Ducati MultistradaCredit: Chatchai -

Ducati Multistrada V4

The much-anticipated V4 delivers four superbly-balanced riding modes, helping it handle a wide range of terrains, as well as low-speed maneuvering.

Like its predecessors, the V4 is extremely aerodynamic, and features a wind cooler bypass, adjustable windshield and front winglets.

The perfect combination of Italian design and reliable functionality makes for an intense ride, propelled by a 170 HP engine.

As you might expect, it's bristling with high-end features including blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, skyhook suspension and lean-sensitive ABS.

Safety is also integral to the V4, with front and rear radar.

With so much cutting-edge tech, the price tag of just under 16K doesn’t seem over the top.


1,158 cc ENGINE

38 MPG

Honda Goldwing MotorcycleCredit: Konstantin -

Honda Goldwing

Honda has worked hard to maintain its position at the forefront of the touring market, as exemplified by the latest Goldwing; It demonstrates the line’s deep refinement.

The comfortable seating position, weather-protective design, and a high-capacity tank are shared by its predecessors, but the new Goldwing also features a lighter, slimmer frame for better steering and stability, as well as revised damping and pro-arm adjustable suspension for extra rider and passenger comfort.

The 1833CC liquid-cooled engine produces 170 nm of torque, while four rider modes (TOUR, SPORT, ECON and RAIN) help you deal with almost any road and weather condition.

At just under £23,000, the 2021 Goldwing is pricey - but it is perhaps the definition of "you get what you pay for".




48 mpg.