Author: Ratatiu


Top 10 Vehicles for Extreme Situations

In these uncertain times, the desire to upgrade one's vehicle to something more rugged could become more commonplace - even if it’s just to have more grocery capacity. Here are 10 vehicles that could be useful in more extreme scenarios...


Mercedes Benz G550

It might not have the sleek looks of a Range Rover Sport, but the Mercedes Benz G550 gives the RR a run for its money in the rugged off-road stakes. This German-built tough-nut looks rather boxy and old, but latest models have comfortable interiors and lots of tech.


Chevrolet Suburban - Bulletproof

The Chevrolet Suburban is already a big, tough car, but the International Armoring Corporation has made it even tougher - by adding bulletproof armour. Able to tow an astonishing 8,300 lbs and with plenty of storage space for supplies/family members, the bulletproof Chevy Suburban would be a good choice in (very) challenging situations.



(see main article image)

This tough, boxy vehicle is built in the Ukraine, but looks like something you might explore Mars with. Uniquely, the huge tyres span the entire length of the vehicle, and can be inflated or deflated from the dashboard inside. The Sherpa makes light work of snow, marshes and mud, and while its top speed is just 40km/h, it's a tough cookie and can tow up to 2,500 lbs - that's 1.13 tonnes!


Ariel Nomad (Pictured - Atom)

The Somerset designed-and-built Ariel Nomad is a road-legal high performance sports car with an iconic visible exo-skeleton, giving it a very low drag coefficient. Ideal if you need a very durable vehicle that is also rather nippy.


Unimog - Luxury RV

The Unimog is a German-built all-wheel drive medium truck, popular with militaries across Europe and North America. But there have been some variants built for the public - such as the RV version. For the motorhome enthusiast looking for something a little more rugged...


Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Not terribly exotic, but this van is available in a luxury minibus variant - ideal for carrying your clan around in comfort.


Ford Transit

Another rather suburban vehicle, but perfect if you need to do a truly gigantic grocery shop (toilet rolls, anyone?) - or need it to begin bartering items en masse.


Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase

The Rolls Royce Phantom - it looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside, which is great if you find yourself in a tricky situation but don’t want to give up the little luxuries of life. Refined, durable, and supremely comfortable, there's nothing like a Phantom, armageddon or no.


Range Rover

The gentrified version of the super-rugged Land Rover is still the preeminent luxury SUV, although competition is fierce: think Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan and Audi Q7. As artistocractic as the exterior of the Range River now is, it is still a highly capable off road vehicle, allowing you to impress passersby as well as undertake extreme journeys - should the need arise.


Polaris Sportsman

You don’t get much protection from the elements with the Polaris Sportsman - in fact you get none at all - but you do get a very nippy little vehicle that can over bumpy ground and through tight gaps with ease.