With more than 2.5 million Britons currently living with cancer, the disease is touching more lives than ever before. As a recent Macmillan Cancer Support survey found, 63 per cent of people have or have had a relative or close friend with cancer, a figure that rises to 70 per cent when acquaintances and colleagues are included. And by 2030 it is estimated that 4 million people will be living with cancer, making it an issue that affects the entire nation.

Finding emotional and practical support

Being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment can be isolating and distressing. During these times emotional and practical support from family and friends can be invaluable in helping to maintain a positive attitude and face the disease head-on.

But family and friends don't always know how to react when they're told someone has cancer. The above survey found that 29 per cent of people did not feel confident about providing practical support to those they knew with cancer, rising to 34 per cent when it came to emotional support.

How Macmillan helps those affected by cancer

This is where Macmillan Cancer Support often makes a huge difference, both to those with cancer and to relatives and friends who want to support them.

“Thankfully, people are living longer with cancer," says Fran Woodard, Director of Policy and Research at Macmillan Cancer Support. "But it can be a lonely time when you are going through treatment and even afterwards, when you are getting back to work, family and social life.

“Whether the person you know with cancer has just been diagnosed, is going through treatment, or is trying to get on with life beyond cancer, reaching out to them could really help them to feel less isolated.

“It might be difficult knowing how to help, but everyone’s cancer experience is unique to them, so there’s no one ‘right’ thing to do or say. Our site gives some suggestions that people with cancer have themselves found useful.”

Macmillan Cancer Support provides medical, practical and emotional support to those with cancer, as well as giving everyone affected by the disease a way of connecting and supporting each other. Macmillan's website The Source offers more than 400 useful tips, while the charity's online community helps its 95,000 registered members to share their experiences.

50 pence from every policy goes to Macmillan

Here at startrescue.co.uk we're delighted to announce a new partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, aimed at raising funds for the charity's extremely valuable work. 50 pence from every new policy bought through our website plus VAT will go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support – helping millions of Britons affected by cancer.

Not only will startrescue.co.uk customers have the support of a trusted and reliable breakdown service whenever they need it, they will know they are also supporting millions of people affected by cancer.

Learn more about startrescue.co.uk's partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support.