Actor George Clooney is reportedly doing well after his motorcycle connected with a vehicle on the Italian island of Sardinia earlier this month.

The 57-year-old actor did not sustain serious injuries in the incident, but did receive medical attention.

The Oscar-winning actor was reportedly travelling to the set of a TV drama Catch 22 when the incident took place.

A photo posted to social media appeared to show Clooney’s scooter lying on its side next to a dark blue estate car.

Clooney was reportedly travelling at 60mph when he hit the vehicle near the town of Oblia.

The driver of the car is thought to have assisted Clooney while waiting for an ambulance.

NBC News reported that Clooney left hospital soon afterwards.

Local media reported that the Ocean's Eleven star received pelvis trauma and a knock to one knee. He also sustained bruising to one arm and a knee.

He was joined by his wife Amal after the incident, which is now being investigated by local police.

This isn't Clooney's first two-wheeled accident. In 2007 he suffered a broken rub after a car clipped his motorcycle on a road that crosses New York's Hudson River.

After the incident, Fox News reported that Clooney sent a mass text message to his friends saying something to the effect of "You all know what a klutz I’ve always been on and off the basketball court, and now on the streets of Italy on my bike.”

Clooney's experience is a reminder to all motorcyclists to take care when travelling on unfamiliar roads this summer.