With drier spring-time roads and with summer just around the corner, a certain group of people are thinking: it's time to dust off the motorcycle.

But before you head out for your first jaunt of motorcycle season, you might want to check the list below: it details the top 10 UK roads that have the highest percentage of motorcycle crashes.

At the top is the Cat and Fiddle (A537) - which won't surprise many of our readers. A whopping 67 per cent of accidents on this road involve motorcycles, thanks largely to the road's many twists and turns.

On the EuroRAP system, the A537 has an Overall Risk Rating of 203.5.

When scoring a road, EuroRAP looks at interaction of road users, vehicles and the general road environment.


Top 10 most dangerous roads in Britain:
  1. A537 'Cat and Fiddle' in Derbyshire/Cheshire
  2. A18 in South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire
  3. A588 in Lancashire
  4. A254 in East Kent
  5. A3055 on the Isle of Wight
  6. A32 in Hampshire
  7. A21 in London/Kent
  8. A259 in Kent/Hampshire
  9. A4 in Bristol
  10. A6 in Bedfordshire/Cumbria

The data was gathered by motorcycle finance outfit Moneybarn, which also learned that a motorcyclist was six times more likely to crash on an A-road than a motorway.

A-roads are more perilous due to risks associated with overtaking, unprotected embankments and deceptive bends.

Moneybarn highlighted the most common causes for motorcycle crashes: loss of control (16 per cent) and not looking ahead properly (16 per cent).

The list serves as a reminder to extra take care when you get back in the saddle in the coming warmer months.