DSog sitting in car boot

Your dog loves you, but do they love your car? Does your tiny chihuahua have difficulty leaping into your ginormous SUV? Does your Irish Setter look a bit cramped in your Mercedes Smart Car? Does your French bulldog keep tripping over the lip of your boot?


If so, it's time to rethink your car - not your dog.


Here are 10 wonderfully dog-friendly motors that will have your pooch leaping for joy - (rather than for the hundredth time as it tries to get into your boot.).

Peugeot RifterCredit:Jan Kliment - stock.adobe.com

Peugeot Rifter

The Rifter may have a funny name and un-alluring looks, but it's superb for your furry friend. Boasting a fabulous 775-litre boot and zero load lip, it's a great choice for wolfhounds, setters, Alsations and any other big dog you might have.


Skoda Superb EstateCredit: art_zzz - stock.adobe.com

Skoda Superb Estate

They were taking their chances when they named this one, but turns out it is pretty Superb after all. Featuring 660 litres of boot space and a lip so low that tripping incidents will be a thing of the past, the Suburb also has other handy features like a pair of side cubby holes for storing things like water bowls and leads.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class EstateCredit: Pawel - stock.adobe.com

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

If you need something as premium as your Norwegian Lundehund or your Lagotto Romagnolo, look no further than the E-Class estate. Long journeys are a cinch with this car's 640-litre boot, while the super-flat loading bay makes getting in and out easy-peasy. Air suspension models mean you can lower the rear even further.


Ford Focus Estate

Ford Focus Estate

Offering 608 litres, the Focus isn’t as spacious as some on our list, but is sufficient for most dog owners - unless you own a quintet of Irish wolfhounds. The adjustable boot floor also means you can remove the boot's load lip while sacrificing only a small amount of cargo room.


Land Rover DiscoveryCredit: pixarno - stock.adobe.com

Land Rover Discovery Sport

At first glance, the Discovery Sport is a nightmare for dog owners, with just 157 litres of space. However, fold down the two rear seats and you suddenly have 754 litres to play with. A large boot opening and flat load area also make getting Fido in and out very easy.You can also add boot partitions to keep your pooch off your luggage.


Toyota Corolla TouringCredit: VanderWolf Images - stock.adobe.com

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

If you love both dogs and the environment, then the Touring Sports could be for you. The 581-litre boot is sufficient for even the biggest dog, a feature that's even more impressive when you consider that the battery packs are located underneath the load bay.

BMW 5 SeriesCredit: Artur Nyk - stock.adobe.com

BMW 5 Series Touring

If your Lagotto Romagnolo turns their nose up at the E-Class, perhaps they'll like the super-premium BMW 5 Series Touring. The comfortable interior makes it great for long distance journeys, while the 570-litre boot is enough for even the most ponderous of pooches. The load bay is also flush with the boot lip, which is close enough to the ground for comfortable entries/exits. The retractable luggage net also means you can keep dog hairs and mud off your suitcases.


Volvo V60

Credit: pixarno - stock.adobe.com

Volvo V60

If your Norwegian lundehund prefers a Scandinavian car, try the V60 for size. This Swedish-built beauty offers a 529-litre boot and boxy dimensions that are great for the taller dog in your life. A low floor and flat load area make hopping in and out puppy's play. A handy 12v socket also means you can plug in your portable vacuum for ridding your Scandinavian carpet of pooch hairs.


Skoda Fabia EstateCredit: Vitaly Ilyasov - stock.adobe.com

Skoda Fabia Estate

Another fab car from the Skoda stable, the Fabia Estate is more of a supermini hatchback, but despite its shape it's still great for transporting your canine companion. The 530-litre boot is fine for most big dogs, although the load lip may make getting in and out a bit trickier. Great suspension also means your pet should be less prone to being sick while on the road.


Audi RS4 AvantCredit: VanderWolf Images - stock.adobe.com

Audi RS4 Avant

The RS4 elegantly fuses performance and practicality: it will get you to your destination in zippy fashion without making your dog sick (which can’t be said for all high performance estates). What's more, very few performance estates can match the 505-litre cargo area, and the wide boot and zero load lip make boarding and alighting as elegant as your long-legged saluki.