Ryanair's updated hand baggage policy came into effect on Monday 15 January.

The Independent reports that some passengers feel they have been "held to ransom" by the new rules, while the Guardian reports that in Stansted on Monday passengers were "broadly unfazed" by the rules "with a few exceptions".

What are the changes?

Ryanair still allows customers to take two pieces of hand luggage for free, but the larger of these must be stowed in the hold upon reaching the gate. The old rules permitted passengers to carry two pieces of baggage and have them both stowed in the cabin.

The permitted bag dimensions remain the same: large bag 55cm x 40cm x 20cm; small bag 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.

Checked baggage charges reduced

If you want to check in a bag with Ryanair it will cost you £10 less than before (£25 instead of £35 per bag), but only on off-peak flights. The previous £35 fee will be charged “during peak travel periods (Christmas/Easter/Summer) and on selected routes”, Ryanair says .

20kg checked baggage limit

Each checked bag can now weigh up to 20kg, up from 15kg.

How will it impact fliers?

The changes will mean many more people will have to wait at the baggage reclaim carousel to collect their stowed items. This might add up to 30 minutes on some journeys, potentially making Ryanair less attractive to frequent fliers.

While the new rules have upset some customers, the practice of checking in some luggage at the boarding gate has been going on for some time. With flights that are often almost completely full, there simply, hasn't been enough space for all the hand luggage items in the cabin, prompting staff to check some bags in at the gate.

A Which? investigation from February 2017 reported that 26 per cent of Ryanair customers had had to check in their luggage at the gate - without warning.

And if you really want two luggage items in the cabin…

Pay £5 (per leg) for Priority Boarding and you'll be allowed two pieces of luggage in the cabin. While there is no limit on the number of passengers who can pay for Priority Boarding, no more than 100 passengers will be allowed to take their bags into the cabin.

One small bag still permitted

You can still take a small bag on board, so long as it fits within the dimensions: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.

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