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For most of us, driving from London to Inverness would classify as a pretty challenging road trip, but it pales in comparison to driving from Abu Dhabi to Beirut.

This is the route taken by a Syrian, an Egyptian and a Saudi Arabian in a new comedy road trip film called From A to B.

The film opened the Abu Dhabi Film Festival but has come to the attention of audiences globally thanks to the controversial comedy material in the film.

From A to B was made by London-born Ali Mostafa, who says the film is "about three regular guys. It's not supposed to be shocking - the comedy of a road trip comes from taking people out of their comfort zones, and that's what happens."

The plot centres on the three men as they travel across Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria in order to celebrate New Year's Eve in Beirut. Taking such a road trip now might seem ill-advised, but in 2011, when the film is set, it would have been possible. Scenes set in Syria were filmed in Jordan.

One of the characters is played by popular Saudi Arabian stand-up comedian Fahad Albutairi, adding weight to the film.

There was a lot of "comedy potential in Saudi Arabia, because so much is forbidden," said Mostafa.

The director would also like to see a UK release, "as this film deserves to travel, I would love to show this film in Britain especially. It will show a whole different side to Arabia that people never knew existed."