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While it may not engender 'cautious driving', Disneyland Paris' car stunt show "Moteurs… Action!" certainly delivers on excitement.

And for parents taking their children to the famous theme park, it could be the perfect antidote to pretty castles and spinning teacups: especially if you love cars.

The stunt show is the brainchild of Remy Julienne, the man behind classic car chase scenes in The Italian Job and a raft of James Bond films.

All the action takes place in a beautifully rendered mock-Mediterranean village, and is focused on a plot involving several 'baddy' cars chasing a 'goody' car driven by a man who must deliver a letter to the village.

The balletic performance sees the cars pirouette and only just miss each another as the chase continues through the set.

At one point the hero's car careens up a ramp and is launched into the air before landing on a concealed inflatable cushion.

The vehicles also drive through a wall of fire and for much of the performance are on two wheels.

The 45-minute shows are repeated three times a day and follow strict safety procedures. A team of skilled engineers ensure that the cars do not break down and that they are always ready for each demanding performance.

Each show is filmed and edited in real time, then projected on a large screen.

"Moteurs… Action!" also provides an insight into the world of stunt car driving – and particularly the specially modified cars required. Opel’s German workshop provided the show with vehicles, including one which has its chassis flipped around so that the car can perform ‘reverse’ stunts with ease.

You can find out more about the show here: http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/entertainment/walt-disney-studios-park/moteurs-action-stunt-show-spectacular/

By Craig Hindmarsh