Those with a love of both motorcycles and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara now have the chance to experience a 'Motorcycle Diaries'-style bike adventure.

Son of Che, Ernesto Guevara, has opened a special travel agency in Cuba that captures the passion his father had for motorcycles – as depicted in the 2004 movie, The Motorcycle Diaries.

Those interested in a tour will have to stump up $3,000 (around £1,900) for a six day tour, or up to $5,800 for a nine day adventure – depending on the level of accommodation opted for.

The trips do not include flight fares to Cuba.

While the prices may seem high to some of our motorbike breakdown cover customers in the UK, they may seem extortionate to Cubans, who earn on average around $20 a month.

The agency website talks about Ernesto's passion for riding motorcycles: “Proud of his people, he has always longed to share the experience of enjoying the beauties of his country with friends and the brotherhood of motorists visiting the island. Ernesto will fulfill your dreams but also [develop] his.”

Che Guevara embarked on two long motorcycle tours around South America while studying at the University of Buenos Aires in the early 1950s. Travelling with his childhood friend Alberto Granado, Guevara met many poor workers in Ecuador, Peru and Chile, among other countries. His experiences had a striking effect on the then-23 year old Argentinian, influencing his political ideas.

Guevara completed his South American bike tours on a British-made Norton, which he named La Poderosa – or the Mighty One. However, Harley Davidsons will be used for the new Cuba-based tours.