London's electric car owners are having a tough time keeping their vehicles topped up at present, due to a large number of out-of-action charge points.

Of the 1,415 charge points across the capital, many are out of service. And in-fighting among the organisations involved suggest they will not be repaired anytime soon.

The entire network – called Source London – was sold off to French firm Bolloré last month for £1m.

Neither Source London nor Transport for London keep data on which points are out of service, but the Daily Telegraph reported recently that 70 per cent of Camden's charge points are not working – according to information from the borough itself.

Source London has blamed the complex nature of the network, pointing out that 66 "scheme partners" are involved, as well as no less than six charge point designs featuring in the network.

Key to the problem is identifying who is responsible for the upkeep of charge points – and who will provide funds.

The issue is made murkier by the fact that Source London is part of a charge point manufacturer that is in direct competition with Chargemaster and Pod Point – the two main manufacturers of charging equipment.

This major conflict of interest appears to have passed TfL by completely.

Getting the Source London network up and running again is crucial if the capital's electric car owners don't want to find themselves seeking roadside assistance on a much more regular basis.

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