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A Malaysian man whose car careered off a highway and plunged into a ravine was found in a remote village last week after crawling through the jungle for three days with a broken arm and leg.

Nicholas Andrew had been driving along a highway in central Malaysia on Sunday morning when the crash happened, according to police chief Som Sak Din Keliaw.

Sadly a passenger in the car was killed.

Mr Andrew crawled along a river before reaching the isolated village where he received help. He had been delivering wedding invitations when the crash took place. After getting no response from his passenger, Andrew decided to seek help by himself.


How Safe is it to Drive in Malaysia?

Any of our car breakdown cover customers who have driven in Malaysia will know that this South East Asian nation can get very congested.

As its population has grown and the country has become more industrialised, many more Malaysians have come to own cars.

In 1995 there were just under seven million cars nationwide, but in 2012 this figure had risen to 22.7 million. While the population increased by 50 per cent in that period, the number of registered cars rose by 330 per cent.

However, road safety appears to have improved a great deal in that time. 5,712 road accident related deaths were recorded in 1995, rising to 6,917 in 2012 – a modest increase given the huge rise in the number of cars on the road.

By Craig Hindmarsh