The modern car can do a great deal for us – but seldom does that include providing a roof over our heads. Yet that is what one man called upon his Jeep to offer, for the last 12 months.

After encountering a breakdown in family relations, 41 year old Robert Curran was forced to move out of his mother's home and live in his car – which he has been doing for a whole year.

But after his plight was revealed on Cork Red FM radio station, Mr Curran has been inundated with offers of help and employment.

Curran told the Irish Daily Mirror that even if he did find work, he was unable to get to it because he could not pay the running costs of his vehicle.

"I’ve been living in my jeep ever since and there’s no work as a stonemason. I can’t afford tax and insurance, so even if I got work I wouldn’t be able to get to it.

"My body has been affected more so than anything, I get awful pains in my legs from being cramped up inside of the car, you can’t really stretch and move around." Curran added.

On the upside, Curran may have secured stonemason work at the start of January, thanks to the radio show. Another woman has offered to cook him Christmas dinner, while a local landlord has offered to put him up in one of her properties.