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British supercar manufacturer McLaren has released images of its latest concept vehicle, going by the title P1 GTR Design Concept.

Unlike the P1 on which it is based, the GTR will not be road legal. As such, the gloves have really come off in terms of giving this car ultra-high specifications. And that's really saying something when you consider how high-spec the P1 is already.

The GTR will be "the best driver's car in the world on track", according to the Woking-based car maker, which plans to start building the vehicle in just under a year.

With a speed-centric new body kit, the design team behind the GTR have pulled out all the stops in creating an extremely aerodynamic car. It boasts a front splitter that juts out dramatically, cavernous air ducts and a large rear diffuser. It also features a fixed rear spoiler.

Under the sleek body are even more surprises; the already-insane 904bhp hybrid petrol-electric propulsion set-up from the P1 has been boosted by no less than 82bhp.

The only way this beast will ever see the public road is on the back of a vehicle recovery operator's truck – perhaps after having been pushed too far by its owner on the track.

However, there's little doubt that the GTR will be able to handle whatever its owner throws at it. After all, it will feature technology normally only seen it McLaren's F1 cars.

And to emphasise just how meaty this vehicle is likely to be, McLaren plan to run a driver training programme for owners. The firm says the course is to ensure new owners get the most out of their new cars – but one has to wonder if such a car demands special training merely to keep it on the tarmac!

By Craig Hindmarsh