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It may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but automobile Heads-Up Displays (HUD) have been available for many years. However, only luxury cars have ever featured the technology, which projects key information such as speed and fuel level.

But now those with regular or older cars can get in on the HUD action, thanks to a new aftermarket windscreen projector from a San Francisco-based firm called Navdy.

The device is integrated with a smartphone and mounted on the car's dashboard. As well as providing the driver with such data as speed and fuel level, it can deliver information such as phone caller ID and satnav position, too.

The built-in infra-red camera and microphone look out for certain hand gestures and behaviours from the driver which control the smartphone.

Notifications such as for incoming calls, emails and text messages can be viewed in either split screen or single mode, without hindering your view of the satnav directions.

Voice calls, text messages and voice search can be controlled with three key gestures; giving the system the thumbs up answers the phone, moving fingers sideways open text messages, plus doing the opposite opens the smartphone's search tool.

The unit is available with both iOS and Android mobile apps, which control the projector via Bluetooth.

For those among our vehicle breakdown cover customers keen to try out the device, Navdy's projector is still in the pre-production prototype stage, but is likely to retail for around $500 (£300) when it does become available.