Despite only building 4,000 cars a year, Rolls Royce generates a great deal of interest among members of the public – many of our breakdown cover customers among them. But while the firm traditionally sold its wares to wealthy Europeans, Americans and Middle Easterners, it is increasingly turning its attention to Asian markets.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars Chief Executive Torsten Muller-Otvos spoke to the BBC recently about the firm's expansion in the region, revealing some of the company's objectives.

Muller-Otvos was in Singapore, where he said: "Singapore is the capital of luxury in Asia, [and] the same is true for other markets like Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Australia...Asia in a broader sense is very important."

When Muller-Otvos was asked about the "clampdown" on luxury spending in China, where Bentley – Rolls Royce's main competition in the country – has seen a "double digit" fall in sales last year, he said: "China is slowing down, that's true, very much on the back of anti-corruption investigations."

"Our customers and potential customers are a little bit shy ... and that has slowed the luxury market quite substantially."

Muller-Otvos was also asked about the risks involved in opening showrooms in small emerging markets like Cambodia.

"I wouldn't call that a risk. There is a growing number of so called ultra-high net worth individuals in these emerging markets – people who can afford our products and also other luxury products.”

He also suggested that it was a sign of a growing economy when Rolls Royces were selling well.

By Craig Hindmarsh