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Buyers of second hand E-Types may find themselves looking for vehicle recovery cover fairly soon after making their purchase – such is the average age of the Sixties classic.

But it just might be possible to get your hands on a brand new E-Type – not a refurbished version saved from the scrap yard by some engineering company, but a genuine E-Type built by Jaguar.

As we discussed in May on this blog, Jaguar aims to finish a 1963 production run of lightweight E-Types that was never completed. Only 12 of a planned 18 were ever finished, but after more than 50 years Jaguar is on track to finish all of the sports cars.

Rather than being tempted to 'soup up' these recreations, Jaguar will build each car by hand, adhering to production techniques and materials used in the original dozen cars.

75 per cent of the car's bodywork, says Jaguar, will be built in-house at the firm's Whitley factory. The rest of the car will be hand-built at Jaguar's new Heritage customer workshop unit – itself constructed where the Browns Lane factory once stood; the plant that produced the original lightweight E-Types.

Standard injection will be provided by three Weber carburettors, while a Lucas fuel injection will be available at an extra cost.

Jaguar has not made it clear how much one of these new cars will cost, but experts give a conservative estimate of £1,000,000.

The first of the six new cars will be delivered to its owner early next year.

As yet we have only seen a 'car zero' prototype, pictured above.