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The revamped Skoda Fabia has been under the spotlight of the UK's motoring press recently. Does the Volkswagen-owned Czech built model offer quality at an affordable price, as so many other Skodas have in recent years?

The Telegraph's Andrew English is not convinced. With a starting price of £10,600, rising to £16,840 for the all singing all-dancing version, the new Fabia is far costlier than the Eastern European cars of the past.

But what we get now – at least from the likes of Skoda – is a much better car compared to years ago. However, for English, who gives the car three stars, the updated Fabia is "competent" but not very exciting at all.

Dullness is a key gripe from What Car too, whose reviewer dislikes the cabin plastics and the general looks. On the plus side, they praise the spacious interior and the car's reliability – so calling up one's breakdown cover provider should be a rare occurrence for owners of this Eastern European stalwart. Four stars from What Car.

Also fairly positive in its analysis of the new Fabia is Car Magazine, which gives it the thumbs up in terms of price, practicality, comfort and CO2 emissions. Handling is “predictable”, styling “sensible” – and the cabin is targeted for its dullness in this review, too. Overall though, the new Fabia gets another four stars.

Basic stats:

  • Top speed: 122mph
  • 0-62mph in 9.4 seconds
  • 56.8mpg (EU Combined) (tests suggest around 37mpg)
  • Available to buy in November from £10,600