If you're considering a late autumn road trip in continental Europe, then this stunning time-lapse video may persuade you that Norway is the perfect spot.

The 4K video vividly highlights the beauty of Norway, with time lapse footage of mountains, fjords, lakes and little fishing villages – often illuminated by incredible sunrises or sunsets.

The video also provides some glimpses of Norway's extensive road infrastructure – reminding us just how drivable this huge Scandinavian nation is.

Of course, with winter looming, Norway might pose a few challenges to UK drivers. So if you're considering a Norwegian road trip, beware of the following:


  • Special winter tyres must be used in winter months.
  • Fjord roads are often narrow, making it difficult for cars to pass each other.
  • Drive slowly and steadily, especially when approaching bends/corners.
  • Keep your distance from vehicles in front.
  • Even when it is snowing, traffic in Norway continues moving. Many snow ploughs ensure the snow is kept off road surfaces.
  • Be aware that diesel gels at minus 15 and below; Norwegian petrol stations however sell special diesel for use in cold temperatures.
  • Be aware of elk/moose and red deer in forest areas – as they can jump out in front of your car without warning. This danger is increased at night or during a winter full moon.
  • Don’t forget to take out breakdown cover before you go: startrescue.co.uk offers short term European cover for up to 31 days, which covers you for Norway and dozens of other European countries.


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Watch the time lapse video on YouTube.