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Aside from brand awareness, one of the main benefits of being a top Formula One racing team is the natural development of technologies that can be used in the given marque's production cars.

And there is perhaps no better example of this than the Ferrari FXX K, which harnesses F1 technology together with experimental aerodynamics.

This stunning track-only car is based on the LaFerrari hypercar, which boasts a top speed of 217mph.

The Italian supercar maker intends to develop its future models with the assistance of a carefully chosen group of Ferrari patrons.

And for any of our car breakdown cover customers who fancy finding themselves in such an enviable position, they will need to find an estimated 2.5m euros (nearly £2m) for the privilege!

Alongside the car itself, customers will be presented with a special set of Ferrari overalls and given three test sessions – presumably a must because of the high octane (and potentially perilous) nature of the FXX K. For this trinity of track lessons Ferrari will furnish the buyer with a team of engineers.

The FXX K will be the most powerful product the Maranello outfit has ever produced – boasting an astonishing 1,035bhp. That's the combined output of the V12 engine and the electric motor.

The supercar will also produce around three times the torque of a standard high performance car – at 660lbs.

Four driving modes will be available to the driver: Qualify, for optimal performance over a certain number of laps; Long Run, for maximum long distance performance; Manual Boost, for a maximum torque surge; and Fast Charge, for a super-fast battery re-charge.