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In 1984 Peugeot decided to infuse its 208 GTi with a little James Bond style glamour, by making the most gung-ho commercial in the firm's history.

Thirty years later and the 208 GTi’s 30th birthday has inspired Peugeot to dig out the old 1984 footage and sprinkle a little 21st century magic on it.

The action begins with a 1984 GTi hanging inexplicably from a parachute, whereupon that other miracle of French engineering, the Mirage fighter jet, successfully destroys said parachute with a missile, causing the little red car to land on a snowy mountain side.


In the next shot, we see the brand new 2014 GTi swerve into view on an iced-over lake, being followed by a Hercules transport, suitably armed with more missiles.

Are the guys from Trading Standards watching this so far?

Having dodged this heavy ordnance and avoided falling into the now disintegrating frozen lake, the new car (we don't really see where the old one goes) tears up another mountain, then down a black ski run in order to escape its next enemy, an Apache ground attack helicopter.

Of course.

Next, the driver uses a snowy half-pipe to flip over the chopper, flick the 'I'm Watching You' fingers to the pilot and ensures that that enemy is totally totalled, too.

And, naturally, the 2014 GTi skids to a snowy halt outside a French mansion and then the designer-stubbled driver gets to deliver a glib one liner to a fancy-frocked lady.

It's a shame all car adverts aren't this entertaining. We just hope the driver has insurance for vehicle recovery if he's going to behave like this.

Other cars are available.


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