Brooklyn Beckham (kathclick/

Exemplifying many mothers' fears, Victoria Beckham has spoken about her concerns over her son, Brooklyn's, desire for a motorbike.

A source reported in the Sunday Mirror said, "David and Victoria would never want to stop their children doing anything but she is hoping Brooklyn changes his mind, it scares the living daylights out of her."

Victoria, 40, would apparently never prevent her children from doing anything they wanted, but still hopesBrooklyn, 15, loses interest in such modes of transport.

However, seeing his father David on a motorcycle may have provided some inspiration for the young boy, despite David's accident this summer when he came off his bike – a Super Vintage 93' Knuckle –after leaving a Sunset Boulevard tattoo parlour.

Brooklyn's interest in motorbikes may also have been fuelled by his father's recent BBC documentary, Into the Unknown, in which he and some friends rode their motorbikes across the Amazon rainforest. It was a fun but gruelling adventure – but they made it, even without motorbike breakdown cover from!

Speaking to ex-Python Michael Palin, David Beckham spoke of his excitement about the trip across the Amazon, “I retired 12 months ago and my whole life, my whole career has been about having a particular schedule that I’ve always kept to, so we just wanted to be able to jump on the bikes and do what we wanted, wherever we wanted.

“I wanted to do something that we would all enjoy - I'm a big motorbike rider and so are two of my three friends that came with me on this trip. It was the kind of journey that had no schedule.”

Will Brooklyn lose interest?

Against this motorbike-centric backdrop it's hard to see the Beckhams' son going off motorbikes by the time he is 16 next March – when he will be legally permitted to ride a motorbike.

By Craig Hindmarsh