A woman in Cumbria returned to her car to find it covered in baked beans.

The motorist, known only as Emma, found her car covered in the tomato-flavoured legumes after returning to a BAE Systems car park in Barrow, Cumbria, where she had parked for the day.

Emma, 30, decided to snap the pool of beans and post her ordeal to social media.

She snapped and posted the note that accompanied the popular orange-red food stuff: "This is not a parking space. People need regular access to these back gates and you're stopping them!

"There is [sic] clearly signs on both gates indicating that access is needed and not to park there.”   

The angry bean-dropper went on: "Do this again and we will contact BAE Systems HR Department and we will also go to the council. If you want a proper parking space wake up earlier."

Bean on her bonnet

Furious Emma logged on to social media: "So I got back to my car today to this - I wouldn’t mind but I asked someone if it was OK to park where I was they said it would be fine and I was by no means blocking any gate!

Food for thought

"So whoever you are go tell who you like and tell them how your [sic] vandalised my car!"

She went on: “To be honest the whole car park is terrible to get round and some houses back on to it which is what I am supposed to have blocked.

“I just think what a sad world we live in to do that to someone’s car. The note fair enough if I have annoyed you, fine, but the beans!”

Beanz meanz finez

Technically, vandalism can attract a hefty fine and in some cases even jail time. Let's hope those beans weren't heated up first!