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The truth is, most of us will never own a supercar. But that doesn’t mean we can't get up close and personal with some of them. Indeed, for some, half the joy of these vehicles is appreciating their beautiful exteriors – something you can’t do when you’re behind the wheel.
Billed as “Europe's biggest and best Ford festival”, Ford Fair will be taking place at Silverstone on Sunday August 7. Live Action Arena Among the many attractions is the Live Action Arena, where Fords will be driven in a manner that wouldn’t be acceptable on the Queen's Highway: expect smoking tyres, skid pulling and lots of other stunt-like shenanigans.
August 5-7 Thousands of petrol heads will descend on Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire this weekend for 2016's Ultimate Street Car festival (USC) – the largest modified car event in Europe. If you attended last year, you'll know just how much automotive fun is packed into this three-day extravaganza.
While the UK is now only the 13th biggest producer of cars in the world, it still occupies a distinguished position in automotive history. A glance at the list of the country's defunct car marques reveals hundreds of obscure names – from the Ekstomer, an electric car manufacturer from the 1900s, to Packman & Poppe Motorcycles, which was consumed by the depression of the 1930s. The carmakers that have survived war, overseas competition and economic recessions represent some of the most...
Keen to ensure that bike safety isn’t at all boring, Northamptonshire Highways and Northants Police have teamed up to organise BikeSafe 2016 at the Rockingham Circuit. Motorbike enthusiasts from across the UK are expected to attend the event on July 16th, which follows two successful events at Castle Combe in 2014 and 2015.
Triple F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton will "pray and hope" that Mercedes do not introduce orders at the British Grand Prix. The team fears another crash between Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg. Orders "take the joy!" out of racing, Hamilton has said. The British driver trails his German rival by 11 points, despite his victory over Rosberg at the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday. Hamilton collided with Rosberg while racing for the lead on the final lap.

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