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Ryanair’s new baggage policy is now in effect. Passengers are still permitted to carry a small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) in the cabin, but any second bag (the larger of the two, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) must be stowed in the hold. Checked luggage fees are £25 off-peak, £35 peak; the limit has risen from 15kg to 20kg.
Motorcycle insurance. It’s not exactly fun and costs you a fair bit of money. However, sorting out your insurance is as big a part of owning a bike as putting on your boots and helmet before you hit the road. But that doesn't stop many of us from leaving it until the very last minute. Indeed, many of us have automatic renewals set up and simply use the same cover provider for the next 12 months. But to do this could mean spending more than necessary.
Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has launched "Homes England", replacing the Homes and Community Agency, during a visit to a new housing development in Cambridge. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government wants the number of new homes built in England to rise from 217,000 to 300,000 per year by the mid 2020s. Mr Javid said this ambition is a "big ask", but believes his department, in conjunction with developers, can achieve it.
Carillion, The UK's second largest construction firm, has gone into liquidation, putting thousands of jobs at risk. The company is involved in numerous public sector contracts, including the management of prisons, schools and 50,000 Ministry of Defence homes. It is also one of the prime contractors for HS2, the high speed rail link being built to connect London with Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. It is a principle construction contractor for Network Rail.
Millions of UK holidaymakers have been approached by claim management companies to make false sickness claims, according to a new poll by the Association of British Travel Agents. 19% of respondents said they had been contacted by such firms upon their return home, with the prospect of cash sums if they made a claim. The average payout is in excess of £2,000. Results from the poll suggest nine million Britons have been encouraged to make sickness claims.
The term "rust bucket" is somewhat over-used in the realm of cars which are past their best, but police in Crewe recently found a vehicle that could be the dictionary definition. Officers spotted a car on a public road that was in an incredibly dangerous condition, with a battered body, no windows, lights, mirrors, tax or insurance. Police saw the car drive on a main and road then onto a side street, before pulling it over.