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A Canadian man has been fined by Montreal police for singing the 1990s dance hit Everybody Dance Now. The man plans to contest the C$149 ticket.
Worries over a potential airbag fault in Mercedes Benz cars have prompted a UK recall of 400,000 vehicles. "Other markets " are also affected by the fault. The firm has recalled models A, B, C and E-Class, the CLA, GLA and GLC - manufactured between November 2011 and July 2017. The German carmaker said affected vehicles were safe to drive under normal conditions, but recommended owners contact their breakdown assistance providers if they see the airbag warning light.
Selling your car is easier today than it’s ever been, with a host of specialist car websites to choose from, alongside traditional dealerships. However, whenever you enlist the help of an intermediary – particularly one that guarantees an offer for your car – you can expect to get a lower price. But more lucrative avenues are available and if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you should be able to maximise the final price.
Barcelona and Catalonia as a whole remain in the headlines, following an attempt by the regional government to hold a referendum on independence. The vote was considered illegal by the Spanish government, who sent in the national Guardia Civil to prevent voting. Violent clashes between police and protestors have presented a less pleasant image of Barcelona, better known for its Gaudi architecture, long beach and vibrant night life.
Few events demonstrate how far solar technology has progressed more than the World Solar Challenge. The 30th anniversary of the race has begun, comprising 42 solar-powered cars. Entrants departed Darwin, Australia on October 8th and will travel 1,880 miles to Adelaide. Well, most of them will. Before the first day was at an end, several cars had been knocked out, thanks to technical issues.
UK drivers appear to be committing significantly more driving offences overseas than three years ago, with investigation rates rising 12-fold since 2014. The surge in applications by foreign prosecutors seeking to bring British drivers to justice was recorded by data supplier Thompson Reuters. Only 138 applications were made by overseas prosecutors in 2014, rising to 1,625 in 2016. This is based on Home Office data obtained through a Freedom of Information request.