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A new report by a former Treasury economist suggests building more homes would have a minimal impact on the housing crisis, but highlights possible alternative measures.
German car maker Mercedes Benz has been criticised for using tracking devices to find lease cars whose owners have defaulted on payments.
After a long period of stability, possession claims made against borrowers have increased substantially in the three months to June, according to Ministry of Justice data.
The UK government has launched a £2m fund to work on the feasibility of cyber security tests for driverless cars, ahead of the vehicle type appearing on our roads.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has unveiled £2.5m of extra funding for the on-street residential charge point scheme, which began in 2017.
The 'Cartivator' flying car has flown for about a minute in a Tokyo suburb, raising hopes the East Asian country could see widespread take-up of personal airborne transport by the 2030s.

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