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The congestion caused by stop-start driving could soon be a thing of the past if a new smart traffic light trial, based on York’s A59, is successful.
Social Security Advisory Committee warns that under-25s living independently on benefits cannot afford living costs, limiting ability to take up work & education
Royal Enfield is to launch a new motorcycle based on the RE/WD Flying Flea 125 used by British troops during World War Two. 1,000 units of the Pegasus 500 will be made.
Car manufacturers may face criminal charges if they use cheat software to defeat emissions tests, under powers sought by ministers - the Financial Times reports.
Councils have paid out more than £43m in compensation claims related to potholes in the last five years, according to cycling campaign group Cycling UK.
The UK car market has been bumped down from fifth to sixth biggest in the world. That’s still big - but that doesn’t mean you can buy any global car you want.