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Most authorities across England are planning to increase council tax and service charges, a new survey suggests. The 2018 State of Local Government Finance research suggests 80 per cent of authorities will hike taxes by the maximum amount permitted before a referendum is triggered.
UK household spending rose to £554.20 per week between April 2016 and March 2017, according to data compiled by the ONS. Households spent most money on transport, followed by recreation and culture, a category which was ranked second for the first time. The ONS said inflation may have encouraged households to bring forward ‘big ticket’ purchases.
The Grand Tour episode 8 is less flashy than previous episodes - certainly compared to series 1. Tom-foolery, silly dad jokes and some beautiful cars make this feel like a show in the image of the old Top Gear.
The German government has expressed shock following reports that humans and monkeys inhaled diesel fumes as part of experiments by a German car industry-funded research body. EUGT was set up to counter a 2012 WHO decision to class diesel fumes as a carcinogen. BMW, VW and Daimler reportedly funded the tests.
The cost of getting a new UK passport by post is set to rise from £72.50 to £85. The £12.50 increase equates to a 17% rise. Those applying for a new passport online will also have to pay more - theirs will cost £75.50 - equating to a more modest rise of £3. Applying for a child passport will also rise - again by £12.50, a 27% increase. The new price for postal applications will be £58.50 for under 16s, or £49 online.
The motor car continues to be an incredibly popular mode of transport - whether it be an electric, hybrid, diesel or good-old petrol engined machine. As well as getting people from A to B, cars are often viewed as status symbols - or simply ways to get rid of annoying excess cash. But which nation has the most cars per capita? Check out our top 10 to find out.