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Sales of new cars in the UK are likely to fall by nearly 5 per cent this year, according to a prediction from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Worries over the UK's departure from the European Union, allied with general economic uncertainty are believed to be the key reasons for the precipitous drop. 2.565m cars are expected to be sold this year, down from last year's 2.693m sales – representing a fall of 4.7 per cent.
There are many ways to sell a used car these days: pop an ad in your local newsagent; or Sellotape a For Sale sign on the windshield of your ride, then park it by a busy road. Or you could just get your partner to produce a lavish spoof commercial. That's the situation that Max Lanman's girlfriend found herself in. She needed to shift her 1996 Honda Accord - and beau Max had the brainwave of making a playful ad for it.
The UK's top car manufacturing bosses have warned Theresa May about the consequences of leaving the EU without a trade deal. A high-level meeting of car industry executives took place at No 10 yesterday, including bosses of Honda, BMW, Toyota and Jaguar. They warned that a 'no deal' could seriously damage the £77.5bn-a-year industry. Of key concern was the UK car makers' ability to compete globally.
Navigating the crowded satnav app market is getting tougher by the year, with a host of paid and free options now available. Here we pick five of our favourite apps for iOS and Android. 10 years ago, standalone satnav units were riding high, with firms like TomTom enjoying record sales and profits. But the financial crisis, allied with the advent of the smartphone and Google Maps, saw trailblazing satnav devices – including the TomTom – begin to fade.
Whether buying or renting, getting a roof over your head in the UK is far from cheap – particularly in the capital. With the world's eleventh-highest rents, London absorbs a large portion of the average worker's salary. The dearth of affordable accommodation is hitting wallets hard. But it's also putting people in tricky personal situations; a recent Independent article highlighted the issue of people staying in unhappy relationships because renting alone is just too costly.
A precipitous fall in UK real estate prices might have far-reaching consequences for the UK economy, impacting jobs, household consumption, investment and the UK current account, according to a senior university lecturer and associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University. The UK’s overheated property market continues to burden the nation’s policy makers – alongside its homeowners and investors.