A new poll has surveyed perceptions of car brands and their drivers, with BMW receiving a surprising level of vitriol.


80% of respondents said they expected BMW drivers to be aggressive behind the wheel, while 34% they would not date anyone who owned one of the brand's luxury saloons.


The survey was conducted by click4reg.co.uk, whose questions maintained a heavy focus on the "dateability" of owners of certain cars, but also analysed Google searches relating to particular brands.


‘Why are BMW drivers not required to indicate’ and ‘why are BMW drivers jerks’ are two common searches highlighted by the report.


Following close behind BMW in the most-unpopular rankings was Ford: 75% of respondents said they didn't like people who owned Fords.


However, it should be noted that the most common cars on UK roads are Fords, accounting for 9.67% of the market in the first quarter of the year, according to SMMT data.


Audi owners were next in line for some negativity - with 50% of respondents saying owners of the luxury German marque were not on their Christmas card list.


71% of those polled said they thought Audi owners were fast drivers, while 14% said they would not be willing to date someone who had an Audi parked on their driveway.


60% of those surveyed believed Volkswagen drivers were poor behind the wheel, and 32% of respondents thought they drove too fast.


However, in the 'dateability' stakes, VW owners were smiling. Just seven percent of respondents said they would not consider having a romantic night out with someone who kept a Volkswagen in their garage.


The key takeaway from this survey might be: if you’re planning to ask someone out on a date, don't tell them what car you drive!