By CecilT77 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

For die-hard petrol-driven motorcycle fans, the electric motorcycle just doesn't have the power and noisy sense of occasion possessed by its bigger brother.

But San Francisco-based Zero aims to change all that, by taking its current line-up on a tour of the UK. Members of the public will be able to test-ride a Zero for free, in one of eight locations.

The first test day in North Wales has already happened, but there are seven more taking place across the country, including two in Northumberland and two in Scotland. Fittingly, many of the locations are at well-known biker cafés.

What makes an electric Zero different?

100% of the electric powertrain's torque is available at any time. The Zero's battery tech development has progressed well, with newer models boasting a range of 150 miles. There are now three new battery cells which have been integrated into the present range.

Many riders find the new machines surprisingly fun to drive.

But are they really any good?

RideApart said riding the Zero SR model was a "hell of a lot of fun", adding that it was "much less hectic than its internal-combustion-powered brethren", and that it captured "the pure spirit of motorcycling."

Fancy checking out a Zero?

Come along to any of the test days below with your own protective gear and a valid motorcycle licence and you’ll be able to ride what many believe to be the future of motorcycling.

  • June 24 – Squires Café, North Yorkshire
  • June 27 – Loomies Café, Hampshire
  • July 21 – Hartside Café, Northumberland
  • July 22 – Otterburn Mill, Northumberland
  • August 18 – The Biker’s Cove, Scotland
  • August 19 – The Green Welly, Scotland
  • September 19 – Ryka’s Café, Surrey