While Chinese products are consumed with gusto around the world, the nation’s carmakers have failed to make serious in-roads into the lucrative automotive sector.

But a new Chinese start-up - called Xpeng - aims to change all that.

100 examples of its all-new G3 electric crossover model will arrive in Norway in December, as it gears up to enter the European EV market.

But with so many established players in the continent's EV market, how might Xpeng gain the attention of would-be EV buyers?

First of all, it tackles buyers' range anxiety with a WLTP-certified range of 280 miles, delivered through a 66kWh battery pack.

The G3 can also charge from 30% to 80% in just half an hour - dealing with those worried about epic overnight charge-ups.

It's also a winner in terms of safety, having been awarded 5 stars by China’s C-NCAP crash tests.

In terms of styling, too, the Xpeng ticks all the sleek, futuristic cues of the modern EV - having arguably "drawn inspiration" from the Tesla Model S body - and, just possibly, Porsche's headlamps.

But the clinching USP of the G2 could be the price tag, which at £30,000 is considerably cheaper than most competitors.

Brian Gu, Xpeng’s vice chairman and president, spoke to Autocar about the firm's long-term plans in Europe.

“We believe that technology is key in changing people’s perceptions and we note that [Korean] brands such as Samsung and Kia have succeeded,” Gu said. “We also think that the legacy European auto brands might not have the same brand advantages in the market for EVs. We want to build a long-lasting presence. It is not easy to get a strong brand globally, but we are very confident in our product.”

Having been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2018, it's clear Xpeng’s ambitions are truly global.