A new study has revealed the second hand cars most likely to be clocked, with the Subaru Impreza being the most-tampered-with vehicle in the UK.


The report by Rapid Car Check found that nearly 18 percent of Imprezas had their mileage changed.


More than 50,000 cars and vans across the UK were tested as part of the study.


15 percent of Ford Transits had their odometers changed, while 11 percent of Toyota Yaris models had their readings tampered with; Renault Clios were affected by the same percentage.


The most-clocked vehicle types are hatchbacks.

Why do people clock cars?

The mileage of a vehicle is a key concern for would-be buyers. By rolling back the mileage on a model, a seller has a better chance of making a sale - or getting a higher price.


Previous car owners may have changed the odometer in order to stay within mileage restrictions laid out when purchasing a car through finance.


Criminals now find it easier to doctor mileage thanks to new developments in digital technology. However, UK motorists end up footing the bill - an estimated £800m annually.


How to check if your car’s odometer has been changed?

Check the car's service history - this will provide a good indication of a vehicle's actual mileage. Look out for any discrepancies.


Remember to check the mileage when looking at a car: a seller may change the clock after a first viewing with a view to improving the chances of a sale on any second viewing.


Buyers can also use certain vehicle check services to find out if there are any issues relating to a specific car or van.