Bolton-based vehicle company Coleman Milne has transformed a Tesla S into a fully electric hearse.

The unique hearse design sees the length of the popular Tesla model extended from 4.97 metres to 5.82 metres. Rear roof height meanwhile has been raised from 1.45 metres to 1.72 metres.

The innovative vehicle is aimed at those seeking a funeral that is kinder on the environment, and will be completely silent.

It features a power-operated boot lid together with an extending coffin loading deck.

The hearse also boasts a compartment for the coffin-handling trolley, which slides out from the side when required.

Range will be up to 220 miles, depending on the base model selected.

The original Model S can reach 62mph from standstill in just 2.3 seconds, though the extra weight of this design will likely reduce this benchmark somewhat.

Such impressive acceleration is also less of an issue given the vehicle's solemn duties.

Colman Milne states: 'With state- of-the-art technology and equipment, the new all-electric hearse makes a very clear statement: the future drives electric.'

It adds: 'Silent, stylish and ideal for customers operating in Ultra Low Emission and Clean Air Zones across the country. The all-electric hearse also fulfils the rising customer demand for Eco-Funerals.'