Few products can claim to be more American than Harley Davidson - which is one of the reasons President Donald Trump is so fond of it.

But the mood between POTUS and Harley has soured considerably in recent weeks, after the firm said it proposed moving some manufacturing to Asia.

Harley's bottom line is under great pressure since Europe announced a 31% tax on the company’s US-made motorcycles. This was in response to US tariffs on aluminium and steel products from the EU (and other nations).

Harley therefore feels it is unable to sell its bikes to Europe - and turn a profit.

As a result, the firm said it plans to move some production to Asia, where it has already built a plant in Thailand. The Thai factory was set up to minimise Asian taxes on its wares, but the firm wants to build more bikes there due to low operating costs.

The iconic US manufacturer also plans to set up a plant in Europe, although it will take a long time before it comes on line.

In the meantime, the war of words continues - although the president is making most of the noise.

“If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end — they surrendered, they quit!” the president wrote on Twitter. “The Aura will be gone and they will be taxed like never before!”

The president's usual tact is to take aim at foreign powers, who he often claims are unfairly taxing US goods. His trumpeting of Harley Davidson as a great US company - he invited the firm’s top brass to the White House - seems to have backfired for the Wisconsin based company; the EU are only too aware of his affection for the brand and have hit it hard as a result.

In a further blow, the leader of America seems to be threatening Harley with further taxes of his own.