Winter puts a lot of extra strain on your car's components, but just because the cold weather has passed, it doesn’t mean you should deny your vehicle some tender loving care.

In fact, as spring beds in, it’s very important to check your car over and ensure it’s ready for the warmer weather ahead.

As a leading vehicle recovery provider, here at Start Rescue we often come across vehicles whose under-maintained condition may contribute to poor road safety.

Enjoy safe spring driving by following our car maintenance checklist of seven useful car maintenance tips:

1. Clean under your car

While it hasn’t been the harshest winter in terms of snow, ice and gritters, your car's undercarriage is still likely to have picked up a layer of salt and grime.

For some basic, but effective car maintenance, get the garden hose out or take your vehicle to a car wash and remove all that potentially corrosive wintry residue.

2. Become aligned

Unless your wheels are aligned properly, your vehicle won’t handle well. In addition your tyres will wear out more quickly.

If your car pulls to one side or doesn't move in a straight line, take your car to a local garage to have the wheels re-aligned. The cost will be much smaller than having to replace your tyres prematurely.

3. Tyre health

The minimum legal tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. Be sure your tyres meet this at the very least. Most car makers, however, actually recommend replacing tyres when the depth is below 3mm.

At 50mph in wet weather, a car with just 1.6mm tread depth takes two car lengths more to stop than a car with 3mm tread depths.

4. Pressure check

Winter can prompt the loss of tyre pressure more quickly than other seasons. As such, be sure to carry out some basic car maintenance and check your tyre pressure – and keep doing so regularly.

5. Battery health

Batteries can deteriorate quickly in cold temperatures, so it’s important yours is working well.

If it takes a few extra seconds to start your motor, or if your battery is more than four years old, consider getting it tested and if need be replaced.

6. Brake health

Brake pads need to be clean to operate properly – and after a long winter picking up grit and salt, they may not be at peak performance.

It's a good idea to have your brakes checked by a professional.

7. Change your wipers

If your wipers are in poor condition your visibility will be sub-par.

The small cost of a replacement is definitely worth being able to see the road more clearly. 


Breakdown Cover

Carrying out car repair and maintenance when required, will help maintain vehicle safety and could help to decrease the chance of needing to call out a breakdown recovery provider.

However, for peace of mind, it is advisable to ensure that you have a suitable breakdown cover policy in place, should anything unexpected happen.


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Happy spring driving from Start Rescue!