It's that time of year again, with wind, rain and possibly snow making the morning commute and indeed all transport experiences decidedly harder to deal with. As far as many of our motorbike breakdown cover customers are concerned, it's time to store the bike away and forget about it until Spring.

But while riding a bike in Winter doesn't sound like fun, in some ways it is an ideal period to take advantage of your bike's merits. Congestion gets a lot worse around now, both due to the fact that more people drive instead of walk to work, and the fact that driving conditions dictate slower speeds. The humble motorbike, however, can weave its way among traffic much more easily, and parking is easy in comparison to the car.

The only problem is the cold. But this can be remedied with relative ease, even if you have to invest some cash. On the bike itself, a windscreen can make a big difference – even a small one. This acts to slow the wind speed down, which can have a big wind chill factor at high speeds. But for many, if no screen exists, one is stuck with the bike one has.

Clothing is the only guaranteed way to stay warm. Hand guards and good quality gloves will keep your hands warm, as will a pair of handlebar muffs. But be warned this latter item can press down on the brake or gear lever at high speeds. Otherwise, consider investing in thermal underwear, and get an all-in-one jacket and trousers to keep the draughts out. Be aware, also, that your neck has a lot of blood near the surface and can therefore be responsible for a lot of heat loss – so invest in a good old fashioned scarf too!