Storm Gertrude has been battering Scotland throughout last night and today, with gusts reaching as high as 132mph on Cairngorm Mountain.

Winds of more than 90mph have been affecting road transport in the west of Scotland, with reports of a number of overturned lorries.

The Forth, Tay and Kessock bridges have all been closed due to high winds, while train and ferry services have been reduced.

Storm Gertrude has also caused power cuts to thousands of homes in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The storm is expected to move south throughout the day.

Driving safely in high winds - safety tips

  • Only undertake journeys in high winds if they are absolutely necessary
  • If the wind becomes too strong while driving, consider pulling over somewhere safe and legal, where you can wait for the weather to improve. If anyone is expecting you, call them to let them know you will be late
  • Plan a sheltered route if possible
  • Drive slowly in high winds; strong gusts can affect handling and braking
  • Be wary of overtaking high-sided vehicles – you may experience a sudden gust of wind once you have passed
  • Take care in exposed areas where your vehicle may be affected by sudden gusts
  • Grip the steering wheel tightly – gusts of wind are irregular and can catch you unawares
  • Motorcyclists should avoid heavy winds; even moderate gusts can affect stability
  • Give more space to motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and buses, as these vehicles can lose stability easily
  • Observe the traffic ahead to see if it is being adversely affected by the wind
  • Consider increasing the two-second rule to three seconds
  • Choose a safe parking spot, away from trees and buildings