Crossovers - known synonymously as small SUVs - now dominate the UK's best sellers.

Gone are the days when car buyers would usually choose from either saloons or hatchbacks. This third option is here to stay.

Today's crossover SUVs combine the advantages of family cars, hatchbacks, people carriers - and of course, SUVs.

With a more desirable riding position, higher ground clearance, larger boot and a more imposing silhouette, it's little wonder this vehicle type has become popular across the demographic spread.

Smaller SUVs are preferred over larger ones (such as the Mazda CX-30 and BMW X1) for the reasons above, plus easier driving and parking, lower tax rates and insurance premiums and greater fuel efficiency.

And naturally, the price tags are a lot more attractive.

The available models include plug-in hybrids, all-electric vehicles, diesels and petrol-engine models.


Here we run through 10 of the best crossover cars you can buy in 2023.

Dacia Duster

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10 - Dacia Duster

This Romanian-built SUV doesn't offer the latest in tech, but it is very affordable and as such has become a popular choice in a country where the cost-of-living crisis has been keenly felt.

It's also a capable off-roader, with high suspension and optional four-wheel drive.

The Duster is somewhat dull to drive, but this won’t trouble those seeking a great value crossover SUV. 

Citroen C3 Aircross

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9 - Citroen C3 Aircross

With plenty of interior space, useful sliding rear bench and lots of boot space, the C3 is clearly targeted at the family market.

Standard kit is good, which makes up for the slightly down market materials and tricky-to-use infotainment system.

It’s also not the most thrilling ride, but it is comfortable and it presents powerful, economical petrol and diesel engines.


Peugeot 2008 Crossover SUV vehicleCredit: godlikeart -

8 - Peugeot 2008

Stylish and well-built, the Peugeot 2008 is based on its predecessor, the 208.

If you avoid the entry-level model you'll get a great range of equipment, while all trim options offer striking design and a high-end cabin.

It might not be as much fun as the Ford Puma, for instance, but it offers lots of interior space, is refined, comfortable and available with a range of diesel and petrol options. The PureTech 130 petrol is a great all-rounder to consider.

And with an electric model - the e-2008 - there’s something for all buyers.

One potential downside is the "iCockpit" driving position, which features a smaller steering wheel which might not suit all sizes of motorist.

Renault Captur Crossover SUV

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7 - Renault Captur

The award-winning, family-friendly Renault Captur is a stylish, desirable crossover with a great deal of substance.

Impressively roomy despite its diminutive dimensions, the Kaptur also features a hugely practical sliding rear bench.

Quality materials, excellent build quality, and a cracking portrait-style infotainment system give it a genuinely premium feel.

While not as responsive as some alternatives, the Captur delivers a comfortable ride.

And the PHEV model is especially powerful, with its 158bhp drivetrain and a zero-emission riding for a claimed 30 miles. 


Kia Soul EV CrossoverCredit: Eagle2308 -

6 - Kia Soul EV

Economical to run and free of road tax and congestion charges, the Kia Soul Eva is a great option for those looking to go electric.

It's got a great infotainment system and delivers oodles of comfort and refinement.

For those seeking plenty of boot space, the Soul is an attractive proposition, with 315 litres available - increasing to 1,339 litres once the rear seats are folded down.

Taller passengers will have just enough room, but the centre rear seat is best suited to smaller occupants and children.

The sole electric motor offers 201bhp which makes it nippy and smooth - powered by an under-floor 64kWh lithium-ion battery.

A single charge will give you a claimed 280 miles of range - which puts it near the top of its class.

The higher price tag is a slight downside, but it offers plenty of savings in the long term, not least because it comes with the brand's seven year warranty.


Toyota Yaris cross

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5 - Toyota Yaris Cross

Building on the refinement of the Yaris supermini, the Cross version is a rugged offer-roader with a great view of the road and a powerful 4x4 powertrain - setting it apart from other crossovers.

Harnessing the same petrol-electric set-up as its hatchback forerunner, the Yaris Cross returns an impressive 60mpg (claimed).

Its attractive price tag and all-weather credentials makes up for a lack of excitement.

VW T-Cross Crossover SUVCredit: Eagle2308 -

4 - Volkswagen T-Cross

Under the skin, the T-Cross is the same as the Skoda Kamiq, but is more enticing with its added style, brand kudos and choice of design packs.

Based on the VW Group’s MQB A0, the line-up includes a 1.0-litre petrol engine that fuses refinement, performance and economy in all the right proportions.

While not one of the most thrilling crossovers on the market, it delivers light around-town steering, agility and a laid-back drive.

Keen to set its wares apart from its sister models from SEAT and Skoda, the VW features a sliding rear bench for greater practicality and flexibility.

Kia Niro Crossover SUVCredit: jetcityimage -

3 - Kia Niro

Winner of the Small SUV accolade in the AutoExpress New Car Awards, the newest Niro is built on an entirely fresh platform, offering more space than ever.

It’s also no slouch in the tech department, with plenty to make driving easier and enjoyable - and safety systems such as adaptive cruise control and adaptive suspension.

It's available as a plug-in hybrid model - offering 40 miles of zero-emissions driving - a PHEV, and a show-stopping all-electric vehicle. There is no petrol engine-only option.

The EV model features a large 64kWh battery that boasts a claimed 286 miles of range. It's also a winner when it comes to acceleration, handling and refinement. Ride comfort is also pretty respectable.

The standard kit is impressive - as is the marque's seven year warranty (equalled by very few other carmakers).


Skoda Kamiq Crossover SUV
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2 - Skoda Kamiq

Like other models from the Skoda stable, the Kamiq is solidly-built, refined and above all, considerably cheaper than the competition.

With its large boot and roomy cabin, it can work as the primary family car - as good for road trips as it is for the weekly shop.

The entry-level version of the 2020 Kamiq comes with the SE trim, which can be picked up for as little as £15,000 second hand.

The newest 2023 model costs from £22,040 to £28,925, depending on trim level.

It might not be as enjoyable to drive as a Puma, but it's a reliable, stylishly appointed option that returns around 50 mpg - further adding to its economical credentials.

Ford Puma Crossover SUV
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1 - Ford Puma

Based on the Fiesta, the Puma is fun to drive yet practical and stylish. What's more, it's available from just £20,000 - making it a great alternative to the Nissan Juke, for instance.

It boasts a range of engines, including options with mild-hybrid assistance. Practicality, comfort and decent fuel efficiency further add to its resume. 

The chief "gimmick" of this likeable crossover is the megabox under the boot floor, which features a drain plug - ideal for cleaning off footwear, dogs, or anything else that's been caked in mud.