BMWs cost on average £1,282 to repair - ahead of two other German carmakers. Discover the top 10 most expensive brands to repair in the UK...

The costs associated with owning a car are not limited to the purchase price, day-to-day maintenance and fuel. Repairs, if - or rather when - they happen, can result in large bills, too.

Many repairs come out of the blue - which can put a sudden additional burden on household budgets.

So it's good to have an idea how much a particular marque might cost to fix.

The following data is drawn from a survey by Warrantywise, which looked at the average repair cost across top selling UK car brands. Figures are based on Warrantywise's own customer base, although they only apply to where more than 500 models were covered by the firm.

Here are the top 10 most expensive cars to maintain/repair in the UK, with their sales ranking based on SMMT (Society of motoring Manufacturers and Traders) data.


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BMW – £1,282 (5th best-selling)

Munich-based carmaker BMW has a long standing reputation for building high performance prestige models that bristle with technology.

While the purchase cost (both new and used) is high, and repair bills can be potentially eye-watering, BMW's fanbase looks as strong as ever, maintained by the marque’s focus on style, comfort and luxury.

Bimmers can also be a lot of fun to drive, further offsetting worries over repair costs.

Largest repair bill paid out by Warrantywise (2021 and 2022): £19,678

Audi – £1,164 (3rd best-selling)

Now a subsidiary of Volkswagen, Audi is another premium German brand that remains well-loved among UK drivers.

News that Audi is the second most expensive car brand to repair in the UK is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm for the Ingolstadt-based badge.

With a large line-up of models, there's something for every taste, and the brand has a reputation for elegant, feature-packed cars that demand a second look. And in any case, if you can afford an Audi, you can probably afford the repairs! 

Largest repair bill paid out by Warrantywise (2021 and 2022): £17,212

Mercedes Car

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Mercedes – £992 (8th best-selling)

Outside of the supercar market, Mercedes is arguably the most prestigious car brand on the planet (certainly according to Luxe).

So it's surprising perhaps, that the Stuttgart-based brand is so costly to keep on the road, averaging nearly £1,000 per repair. What's more, the highest Warrantywise repair cost was for a Merc,  at £23,302 for a single trip-to-the-garage.

Nevertheless, Mercedes is regarded as a top-tier prestige carmaker, known for its innovative tech and superb safety features.

Mercedes also have solid resale values, such is their desirability.

Most costly repair: £23,302

Nissan – £991 (10th best-selling)

After World War Two both Germany and Japan built industries known for their superior quality, reliable manufactured goods. It is perhaps a little odd then that the top four most costly-to-repair carmakers are from these countries!

However, in the case of Nissan, the brand has consistently produced practical models that people wanted - and could afford. Indeed, affordability is arguably the Yokohama-based firm's biggest selling point (despite the relatively high repair bills!)

Most costly repair: £9,600


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Ford – £960 (1st best-selling)

Ford has dominated the UK car market for decades, and remains the top seller.

Models such as the Ford Fiesta combine affordability, fuel economy, practicality and performance, making it a great all-rounder badge with variants and trims for all tastes.

While Warrantywise data suggests fairly large repair bills, the Ford brand remains trusted and even loved by much of the UK car buying public.

Most costly repair: £13,993

Volkswagen – £892 (2nd best-selling)

While repairing a VW can be on the high side, it's unlikely to dent demand for the Wolfsburg firm's products.

In terms of body structure VWs are built to last, underpinned by incredibly sturdy bases.

Add peppy engines, top notch gearboxes and plush interiors, and it's easy to see why it's the UK’s second best-selling brand. 

Most costly repair: £12,045

Toyota – £828 (6th best-selling)

Just behind VW on the repair cost leaderboard is Toyota, with an average bill of £828. While this is somewhat high, it's arguably offset by the brand's reputation for making fuel efficient, spacious, family oriented models that don't cost the earth in the first place.

The marque is the sixth best seller in the UK, but the top seller worldwide - further underlining its solid rep.

Most costly repair: £5,146

Hyundai Car

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Hyundai – £806 (9th best-selling)

An average repair bill of just over £800 is nothing to brag about - but it's still less than two thirds of a Beemer repair. Plus, costs and dependability vary across the range. For example, the i10 has high reliability ratings and low repair costs.

The Korean brand specialises in models that are ideal for stop-start urban driving.

Most costly repair: £5,540


Vauxhall Insignia

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Vauxhall – £706 (7th best-selling)

With repairs costing a smidge over £700, Vauxhall comes in at number 9.

The firm is the seventh-best selling marque in the UK, and has maintained a strong presence in its domestic market since the early 1900s.

Owned by GM since 1925 and sold to Peugeot in 2017, the brand has consistently adapted to remain relevant, sharing many of its model designs with sister brand Opel.

Today its top seller is the Corsa - an affordable, dependable supermini.

Most costly repair: £8,368

Kia – £646 (4th best-selling)

Winding up our list is Kia, the second Korean brand in this ranking, with an average repair cost of £646.

The brand combines affordability and high build quality, exemplified by the Kia Sportage - a stylish, spacious crossover that was the nation's sixth best-selling vehicle in 2022.

Plus, the highest Warrantywise repair bill was £3,774 - the lowest on our list.

Most costly repair: £3,774

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