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Those investing in buy-to-let properties could face a SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) surcharge, on top of stamp duty, if plans by the Chancellor Philip Hammond go ahead. The original three per cent surcharge was introduced by George Osborne when he was head of the Treasury.
The UK's housing crisis is well-publicised, with too few homes being built and demand soaring. How to spur the construction industry into bolder action has been a bone of contention for years.
House prices are being depressed by the expected summer slump, but also by a surge in sellers, according to Rightmove, the UK's biggest property selling website. An 8.6% increase in newly available properties was recorded in July, but demand has failed to keep up, Rightmove noted.
For more than a century, copper piping has been used in homes across the UK as a plumbing mainstay. But in the last 20 years, plastic piping has become more common - and is used by both plumbers and home DIY-ers.
The average UK house price has increased 106 times since 1966, according to Trussle, an internet mortgage broker. In the year England won the World Cup, the average British house price was £2,006. Today, the average is £211,000. Wages, meanwhile, have only risen at a third of that rate – from an average of £798 a year to £26,500.
Social Security Advisory Committee warns that under-25s living independently on benefits cannot afford living costs, limiting ability to take up work & education

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