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Back in 2010, the electric car revolution appeared to be underway. Car makers around the globe were revealing all kinds of EVs – either in development, or, like the Tesla Model S, about to go to market. But fast-forward six years and the electric car industry simply hasn't ballooned into the success story manufacturers and governments hoped for. In the United States, the segment has grown from 2.3 per cent of the industry in 2008 to just 2.8 per cent in 2016
Dramatic images of a Vauxhall Corsa bursting into flames are yet to be explained, as calls are made for changes to the way car fire investigations are carried out. There is concern among some motorists that some manufacturing faults are not being pinpointed in a timely manner. The driver of the car in the above link told ITV News he was concerned that the carmaker had yet to carry out an inspection on his vehicle.
One winter, me and the missus got to housesit for someone who was going to the USA for a few months. It was ideal: We didn’t have to pay any rent, just promise to keep the grass down and make sure the battery in the owner's old Ford Fiesta didn't go flat in the cold. Well, I managed to dig out the Fly-mo and do the lawn the day before she came back. The Fiesta's battery? Not so fortunate.
Plans have been revealed to minimise how long roadworks take place across the UK's motorways in a bid to make motoring more pleasant. The impact of construction and maintenance on traffic may be reduced by raising the speed limit near roadworks, which is currently set at 50mph. Transport Minister John Hayes has asked Highways England to examine the possibility of limiting coned-off sections of road to 10 miles.
Snow. What is it good for? Lots, apparently. Snowmen (and women) can’t exist without it. Nippers love pressing it into balls and throwing it at each other. Even some grown-ups love it. All of that white stuff fluttering and swirling around under street lamps, blanketing driveways, dusting trees. But what about us motorcyclists? For us, snow is the Devil in the form of very cold H2O.
As children, cartoons failed to manage our expectations in terms of what real-world motoring would be like, but weird and wonderful vehicles certainly enlivened our televisual viewing. Not the most scientific of our top-10s, we listed these cars in order of ‘coolness’.