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From 13 January 2018 it will be illegal for businesses of any type to charge additional fees for paying with a debit or credit card within the EU. The directive is known as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The extra fees tend to be charged by airlines, concert and theatre booking sites, take away food sites and government agencies such as the DVLA and HMRC. Such organisations will be required to change their payment policies.
Over the years, a number of automobiles have been doomed to failure: some have suffered supply-chain issues, others cost too much to make. Some simply misjudged the needs and desires of their target market – and some just looked like the back end of a bus. There are many reasons why some models become doomed to obscurity. Here are 10 of the most obscure cars ever built...
With news that Volvo will only be making electric and hybrid vehicles from 2019, many are questioning if the UK's energy infrastructure can cope with a huge increase in electric cars. The number of electric vehicles registered last year leapt by 50%, but that only amounts to 100,000 vehicles – compared to the overall figure of 30 million cars on our roads. Volvo evidently believes there will be a huge take-up of electric cars very soon. But how will our power grid cope?
France will ban the sale of all petrol- and diesel-driven cars by 2040, in what is being hailed as a 'revolution' by the nation's ecology minister, Nicolas Hulot. The ban on fossil fuel vehicles was announced by Mr Hulot, as part of France’s renewed commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Deal. At present, only 1.2% of the French car market is comprised of pure electric vehicles, while hybrids account for only 3.5% of cars sold.
The price of driving on the M6 toll road in a car will rise by 40p on August 7. The prices will be £5.90 for daytime main tolls and £4.40 for daytime ramps – also called 'local tolls'. HGV prices have been frozen. Fees for other vehicle classes, alongside weekend and night prices, are not set to change. The 27 mile stretch of road in the West Midlands was built through an early form of public private partnership by Midland Expressway Limited (MEL).
One of the most attractive arguments for buying one's own home is that income spent on a mortgage is an investment, while income spent on rent merely enriches landlords. New research by the Local Government Association seems to support this logic. One in seven tenants spend more than half their income on rent, says the LGA, while just 2% of homeowners spends more than half their income on mortgage payments.