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The Department for Transport is reportedly considering a UK-wide ban on pavement parking - an issue that divides opinion across the country.
Carmakers, economists and the SMMT say a no-deal Brexit will do irreparable damage to UK car manufacturing. Pro-Brexiters, meanwhile, argue such forecasts are part of “Project Fear”…
The new car to be built by Aston Martin’s sub-brand Lagonda will be a super luxurious and (probably) stunning electric SUV. Will you be buying one?
Famed for its petrol-guzzling choppers, Harley Davidson has unveiled two prototype eco-friendly scooters - with electric engines.
The largest publicly-traded private equity firm in the world, Man PLC, is to create a fund for building homes for low-income families in the UK, according to a Bloomberg source.
Each year, the DVLA bans thousands of number plates because they are deemed rude or otherwise inappropriate.

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