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Huge sums of money set aside to tackle the UK's housing crisis has not yet been spent. More than £375m is sitting in councils' bank accounts, the Huffington Post reports. The majority of the money - £235m – is being held by just 14 councils. Southwark (Labour) is holding £52.6m, while Camden (also Labour) is holding on to £37.6m.
The UK and Michigan are to collaborate on self driving car rules and smart motorway technology. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and UK business minister Richard Harrington signed a memorandum of understanding: British automotive organisations, in locations including London and Warwick, will work with Michigan agencies.
A woman in Cumbria found her car covered in baked beans after apparently blocking a gate. She found the pool of tomato-flavoured legumes after returning to a BAE Systems car park in Cumbria, where she left her vehicle. Emma, 30, decided to snap the pool of beans and post her ordeal to social media.
A motorcyclist in Texas had a miraculous escape after almost losing control of his Kawasaki - while travelling at 130mph. A 'speed wobble' - sometimes called a 'death wobble' - is when a motorcycle's handlebars and front wheel start oscillating at high speeds - due to a number of aerodynamic and mechanical factors.
Home-ownership will elude one in three UK millennials, with many likely to remain in rented accommodation their entire lives, according to a report by the Resolution Foundation. It said around 14 million 20-35-year-olds would be affected, with half renting in their 40s. A third will be renting when they become pensioners.
Automotive magazine Carbuyer has revealed its top 10 best-rated cars, as voted for by its readership. Compared to last year’s results, some brands have made big improvements, including Range Rover and Alfa Romeo. 31 aspects of driving over nine categories were included in the survey. Read on to find out the full top 10.