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What would our roads be like if 10% of us swapped our cars for motorcycles? How would congestion, parking and the overall pressures of road travel be impacted? According to a new Belgian study, the benefits would be considerable. There would be 20% more parking spaces and a 40% fall in traffic congestion for all. The economic and financial impact of congestion would also, the report says, be reduced.
Luxury cars. The chances are, most of us will never own one. But that's not to say buyers of regular cars don’t benefit from top-end automotives at some point. Many of the world's luxury car brands are owned by mass-production car makers. They invest huge amounts in cutting-edge technology to sell their most prestigious wares – technology which, more often than not, makes it into much more suburban models. For instance, the Mercedes S-Class of years ago presented us with anti-lock brakes.
BMW's combustion engine motorcycles have always been designed around the machine's power plant, so as the German firm unveiled its electric concept, there was little surprise that the powertrain once again dictated design. As a result, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link has more in common with a scooter than a traditional motorbike – at least as far as looks go. The machine's batteries are stored in the bottom, while its electric motor is located in the rear wheel.
A new generation of micro homes could give the UK’s first time buyers more choice, but how small can we – and should we – go? Many visitors to the UK remark on the modest dimensions of much of the nation’s housing stock. But while Britain's homes have long been 'compact and bijou', the future may see us living in even tinier properties.
The election is almost upon us and housing is high on many voters' agendas. In light of this, the main parties have put serious thought into this emotive subject, proffering some radical plans. Here we round up the key ideas from the main parties' manifestoes.
A new update for Apple's operating system will make it easier to avoid being distracted by phone calls, messages and other alerts when driving. The iOS 11 update that arrives in Autumn for iPhones and iPads will include a Do Not Disturb feature which, when turned on, can detect when the user is driving and block calls and other alerts which may be a distraction from the road.