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A huge cat-shaped car vending machine has opened in Guangzhou, China. The system has given some paws for thought however, because only model citizens with a social credit score of 700 can use the service without any fees. Those who haven’t kept their nose clean will need to pay, or may not be permitted to use the service at all.
The Department for Transport (DfT) is considering a ban on pavement parking, with possible fines of £50 or £70 for offenders. A ban on pavement parking in London has been in place for nearly 40 years. Critics of a nationwide ban say it could increase congestion.
2018 is a big year for changes to UK driving laws: The introduction of digital photo licences; new diesel cars taxes; scrappage of MOTs for classic cars; motorway law changes; new MOT test categories; and a possible ban on night driving for newly-passed drivers. Diesel car owners may benefit from new scrappage schemes.
The Department for Transport is considering a minimum passing distance for overtaking cyclists. One police operation used a 1.5m minimum as a guide. Other laws are also being considered for safer cycling - including the ‘Dutch Reach’ system, which helps prevent cyclists being knocked over by drivers opening their doors
The Law Commission is set to scrutinise how the law functions in relation to autonomous vehicles - with a view to ensuring humans can still be held responsible in the event of a crash. The study will also look at how driverless car hackers can be prosecuted.
An Essex man returned to his car, parked in Witham Railway Station, to find it covered in post-it notes. The paper trail has led to a dance troupe operating in the North Essex area. 'DON'T MESS WITH THE BALLISTIK BABES esp. BOBSTER !!!.…’ said the squad on Instagram.