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Find out where Britain's wealthiest people live: Estate agent Savills used data from Experian and the Office for National Statistics to analyse the locations of households earning £100,000+.
Following changes to the government's electric/hybrid incentive program, sales of plug-in hybrids plummeted in April, drawing criticism from the car industry.
Volvo has launched a new online car buying service, enabling consumers to configure their vehicle and electronically sign finance agreements. But is it revolutionary?
Just as we must maintain our personal health with nutritious food, exercise and lowering stress, we must take care of our cars with equal diligence - if we want them to last for a long time. Here are eleven ways you can preserve the value of your car and keep running costs down.
Goldman Sachs has invested £75m in modular housing manufacturer, TopHat. The US banking giant has put its faith in TopHat to help solve the UK's housing crisis.
Is it feasible for the UK government to start a new car maker if Brexit takes place? One leading automotive journalist thinks so.

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