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The German government has expressed shock following reports that humans and monkeys inhaled diesel fumes as part of experiments by a German car industry-funded research body. EUGT was set up to counter a 2012 WHO decision to class diesel fumes as a carcinogen. BMW, VW and Daimler reportedly funded the tests.
The cost of getting a new UK passport by post is set to rise from £72.50 to £85. The £12.50 increase equates to a 17% rise. Those applying for a new passport online will also have to pay more - theirs will cost £75.50 - equating to a more modest rise of £3. Applying for a child passport will also rise - again by £12.50, a 27% increase. The new price for postal applications will be £58.50 for under 16s, or £49 online.
The motor car continues to be an incredibly popular mode of transport - whether it be an electric, hybrid, diesel or good-old petrol engined machine. As well as getting people from A to B, cars are often viewed as status symbols - or simply ways to get rid of annoying excess cash. But which nation has the most cars per capita? Check out our top 10 to find out.
Ryanair’s new baggage policy is now in effect. Passengers are still permitted to carry a small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) in the cabin, but any second bag (the larger of the two, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) must be stowed in the hold. Checked luggage fees are £25 off-peak, £35 peak; the limit has risen from 15kg to 20kg.
Motorcycle insurance. It’s not exactly fun and costs you a fair bit of money. However, sorting out your insurance is as big a part of owning a bike as putting on your boots and helmet before you hit the road. But that doesn't stop many of us from leaving it until the very last minute. Indeed, many of us have automatic renewals set up and simply use the same cover provider for the next 12 months. But to do this could mean spending more than necessary.
Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has launched "Homes England", replacing the Homes and Community Agency, during a visit to a new housing development in Cambridge. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government wants the number of new homes built in England to rise from 217,000 to 300,000 per year by the mid 2020s. Mr Javid said this ambition is a "big ask", but believes his department, in conjunction with developers, can achieve it.