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Traffic congestion, we are told, costs millions each year in wasted fuel and time that could be better spent working. But on one road between Paris and Le Bourget airport, the costs of traffic congestion are spiralling out of control. Traffic jams on this route are proving the ideal hunting ground for criminals to carry out hold-ups, the latest of which took place today. Two wealthy Qatari sisters were tear-gassed and robbed of items valued at around 5m euros.
Storms and floods affect millions of people in the UK each year, often putting property – and sometimes lives – at risk. While these extreme weather events cannot be prevented, much can be done to minimise the risks to people and property.
OK, 'definitively' may be pushing it a little, but we think you'll find this list of the world's prettiest cars rather convincing. If you're annoyed that your Ford Fiesta isn’t featured, do let us know in the comments section!
It’s not cheap to run a car in the UK. A report from 2013 suggested Britain was the most costly place to keep a car on the road, with average bills exceeding £3,500 each year. Motorists have enjoyed some respite in the intervening years, with the average cost of a litre of unleaded dropping to around the £1 mark in January of 2016. However, unleaded is rising again, reaching 114p last month.
Jaguar Land Rover is set to unveil its very first electric vehicle, in an effort to catch up with competitors in what promises to be a lucrative segment of the motor industry. The UK-based car maker, owned by the Indian Tata Group, is keen to move into the electric car market, not only for the inherent commercial promise of the technology, but in order to avoid certain green taxes related to its high-emission model range.
Leaked images of Donald Trump's State Car appear to show a vehicle that is more heavily armoured and high-tech than any preceding presidential vehicle. The car, which has been nicknamed The Beast, is undergoing testing by manufacturer General Motors, who have based the model on a Cadillac. However, while images of the exterior have surfaced, the car's security features remain a heavily-guarded secret.