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Motorists with excessively noisy exhausts, or who rev their engines too much, are to be targeted by a new noise detection ANPR system. A trial will take place over the coming months.
The following 10 cars have the largest boots in the UK, and while impressive in their own right, be aware that (in most cases) when seats are folded down this capacity gets even bigger.
'Waking watches' are now common in many residential tower blocks across the UK that have cladding similar to that used on Grenfell Tower.
BMW's all-new R18 concept motorbike demonstrates the Munich firm wants a piece of the lucrative custom/cruiser pie, currently dominated by Harley and Triumph.
UK motorcycle maker Triumph is teaming up with Williams Advanced Engineering and other leading UK innovators to accelerate the development of electric motorbike powertrains.
The all-new Triumph Rocket III TFC has been spotted on a photoshoot in Croatia, as excitement builds for the release of the 750-run machine.

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