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Initially set up in London in 1937, the UK's 999 call service has helped thousands of Britons receive emergency help, fast. From house fires to burglaries to serious medical situations, the 999 control room has saved lives and property beyond count. But there is a lighter side to the life of the control room operator, as highlighted by the West Midlands Fire Service.
Westminster City Council has introduced a £2.45 "D-Charge" for most diesel cars in an effort to combat pollution in the London borough. The charge will affect diesels made before 2015, which effectively means pre-2015 diesel car owners will see hourly parking charges leap by 50%. The charge will affect areas of central London including Hyde Park, Fitzrovia and Marylebone. This is the first time a UK city council has penalised diesel car owners by raising parking charges.
The practical driving test in the UK is set to undergo a substantial overhaul on December 4, 2017. Among the big changes is the removal of the three-point turn, as well as reversing around a corner. New aspects of the test will include taking satnav directions and reversing out of a parking bay. Most controversial of all, however, is a manoeuvre that involves the candidate pulling over into oncoming traffic and reversing two car lengths.
This year's Gumball 3000 promises to be as spectacular as any, not least because it takes in some of Europe's greatest cities and landscapes. More than 120 of the world’s most exciting sports and luxury motor cars will begin the rally in Riga, Latvia, before heading due south to Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Tirana and Athens and then completing the rally in Mykonos, where two days of festivities will be enjoyed.
Three-car abomination gives new meaning to the phrase ‘going for a spin’ Q: How do you double the value of a Lada? A: Fill it with petrol. While former Lada owners may nod sagely at this old joke, one group of Russian petrol heads have dreamt up a new way to give the Lada ‘brand value’: by turning three of them into a giant fidget spinner.
60 high rise residential blocks in 25 areas of England have been deemed unsafe, following test results on building materials. The tests were prompted by the Grenfell Tower disaster which left at least 79 dead. So far, all the buildings that have submitted cladding samples have failed the tests, it was announced by Sajid Javid, the communities secretary. “We expect that authorities and landlords are very sensibly giving the highest priority to buildings with which they have most concern.