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The production of popular UK-made cars from Mini, Jaguar, and Land Rover could be jeopardised by a post-Christmas exodus of mainland European workers, according to figures in the industry. Between 20 and 40 per cent of workers in UK car manufacturing plants and component suppliers are thought to be from elsewhere in the EU, but uncertainty caused by Brexit could mean they return home in the coming months.
Apparently, playing Mario Kart makes you a better driver. But the findings last year of the Association for Psychological Science journal will do little to becalm the residents of Tokyo, whose streets are swarming with go-karts driven by Mario and Luigi lookalikes. OK, swarming is a bit of an exaggeration, but a number of tourist companies have indeed been renting go-karts to Mario Bros fans, who have been causing relative mayhem on the streets of Japan's biggest city.
Google Maps has launched a new "Motorcycle Mode" for its Android users in India, estimating travel times for two-wheelers. Motorbikes and mopeds can reach their destinations considerably faster than cars thanks to their ability to pass through smaller spaces. India has an estimated 37 million motorcycle and moped users, so it’s little wonder Google has chosen to roll out the new feature there first.
A new poll has revealed that 60% of Britons believe the government is unable to deal with important domestic issues because it is focusing all its resources on securing a Brexit deal. The survey by BMG Research for the Independent suggested a majority of people think “important domestic issues” are being ignored by ministers as they work towards a final divorce settlement between the UK and the European Union.
As snow falls across many parts of the UK, it’s crucial to prepare for icy road conditions on journeys to work or school. Here are 10 things you should know about driving in the snow…
Government subsidisation of electric cars has finally started to pay off – encouraging more people than ever to move away from petrol and diesel engine vehicles. But more surprising is the fact that pure electric cars are actually cheaper to own and run than petrol cars – at least in in the UK, US and Japan, where a recent study was carried out. Without state subsidies - worth about £5,000 per car in the UK - the pure electric vehicle would not have enjoyed so much success.