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A motorcyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a high speed train last week, in an incident that has put the spotlight on the safety of motorcyclists riding near or across railway property. The incident was recorded on the train's camera, which shows the driver using the horn to warn the rider. As the footage plays out, we see that the rider has to abandon his motorcycle in order to escape the train. A crashing sound can be heard as the train crushes the bike.
Diesel car owners in London should be paid up to £3,500 to scrap their old diesel vehicles, according to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Air quality in the capital has deteriorated dramatically in recent years, a key contributor to which is believed to be nitrogen oxide – a pollutant emitted by diesel engines. City Hall has even advised people to stay indoors during the worst affected periods.
French car maker Peugeot has bought the Ambassador brand name from Hindustan Motors for $12m (£9.6m). No Ambassadors have been built since 2014, following a rapid decline in sales. The car, which first appeared in the 1960s, was based on the British Morris Oxford. It was popular among government officials and was seen as a status symbol for decades.
Fuel efficient automotive technologies have come a long way in the last decade or so. Detrimental to both environment and wallet, “gas-guzzlers” are to a large extent a thing of the past. Car firms have become wise to the fact that most consumers want to use less fuel, one reason why the two biggest car makers in the world are Volkswagen and Toyota – leaders in fuel efficient tech (not withstanding VW's diesel rigging troubles).
Britain is set to become a 'world leader' in the realm of autonomous cars, according to the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. The technologies will be supported by new legislation which will determine who is to blame should a driverless car be involved in a crash. A report in the Birmingham Mail states a new Bill will set out how insurance claims are made following an accident. At present, legal issues make it impossible to test autonomous vehicles on the roads of the United Kingdom.
Expensive cars provide one of the modern age's best ways to demonstrate success and wealth. They’re also (usually) a lot of fun to drive and look nice on the driveway. But not all rich people drive Lambos or Astons. Some of the world’s biggest stars have actually chosen rather modest automobiles to get around in.