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A new robotic valet parking service aims to streamline and revolutionise parking your car at the airport. The 'Stans' will arrive at Gatwick Airport later this year.
After months of uncertainty, BMW has announced that the new electric Mini will be built in Cowley, Oxfordshire, in a boost to the ailing UK car industry.
The government has unveiled £23m of funding for UK companies to develop electric battery technology, as the country aims to become zero-emissions by 2040.
Are diesel cars and their owners being demonised? That's the view of the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT), which is promoting a new Europe-wide law called Euro-6 which sets a nitrogen oxide (NOx) limit of 80mh/km on new diesel vehicles. NOx and small particulate emissions from diesels are higher than previously thought – and have come under increasing criticism over the last year. The ...
Volkswagen has teamed up with subscription firm Drover to provide a car subscription service to UK customers. The pilot scheme offers Golfs, Passats and Tiguans.
Which of the two Tory Party leadership contenders has the best ideas for solving the UK housing crisis?

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