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Most of us are fairly decent, rule-abiding motorists. At worst, we might think we look like Ryan Gosling out of Drive, while actually looking more like Mr Bean in his Mini Metro; or think that we resemble Thelma or Louise, when we're actually more like Maureen Rees from the BBC's Driving School. But there are moments when common sense departs at Junction 14 of the M25, leaving some people to commit driving stunts that are as ill-considered
The UK car market has been bumped down from fifth to sixth biggest in the world. That’s still big - but that doesn’t mean you can buy any global car you want.
Today's car designs feature eye-popping body styling and fantastic new technologies - but they nearly always have four wheels. Nevertheless, there have been a few notable vehicles that feature either three or six (plus) wheels. Here are 10 of our favourite non-four-wheelers.
Automotive magazine Carbuyer has revealed its top 10 best-rated cars, as voted for by its readership. Compared to last year’s results, some brands have made big improvements, including Range Rover and Alfa Romeo. 31 aspects of driving over nine categories were included in the survey. Read on to find out the full top 10.
Most of us use cars to drop the kids off at school, buy groceries at Tesco, and to take Aunty Nora out for a Sunday drive. But these 10 ostentatious automobiles are for rather more flashy customers - although Aunty Nora would no doubt enjoy a spin in one. Check out these most costly of cars.
The list of car makers in every nation tends to shift around a lot: bankruptcies, inward investment and start-ups account for most changes. This run-down includes firms set up by overseas car makers. Number 2 will astonish you. Read the full list now.

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