When you're buying a new car you may find yourself faced with a large number of optional extras, at an extra cost of course. You must choose wisely when selecting the ones for you.

Consider which ones are things that you genuinely want your car to have, what is a practical addition and what could add resale value to your car. Some of these points will go hand in hand while others will only be applicable at certain times.

However, the optional extras that are beneficial when it comes to selling your car at a later date are not always immediately obvious. Here's a little info on the ones that are.


Air conditioning

For many, air conditioning is one of those items that it is necessary to have in your car; either to keep you cool in summer or to clear your windscreen during winter. This is a practical add but, according to vehicle valuation specialists CAP, it can also boost your car's resale value.


Parking Sensors

When it comes to large cars in particular, parking sensors can be a very useful addition to your vehicle. If you're parking in a tight space in a car park then having these sensors can make a big difference and help avoid a scratch on your vehicle. This, in turn, will keep your car's resale value higher.


Metallic Paint

There is an aesthetic side to choosing extras that result in a higher resale value. Metallic paint is an example of this. CAP says that this is one of the most common options that people pay extra for and it can improve resale values because most people expect metallic paint on the majority of vehicles. However, the colour that you go for can still make a difference. Choosing something safe like metallic silver is likely to work better for you than opting for something more garish.


Leather seats

If you choose to have leather seats in your car then this, too, will help to boost your car's resale values. People generally like the look of them, they are comfortable and they typically last longer than some other fabrics. Leather is also fairly easy to clean and can be better for people with allergies because it does not retain dust very easily.


Built in Sat Nav

You can pick up a Sat Nav fairly easily or, if you prefer, you may have the option of getting one built in to your car. It can be a useful addition but bear in mind that the technology may date quickly. However, if you are buying an executive car, it can help to retain its value.



Bluetooth is an option that has been growing in popularity with buyers over recent years. It allows drivers to connect devices, such as their smartphones, with the car wirelessly. You may want to consider this as an option to keep your car's resale value high. On the other hand, if it's something that you just want to use for yourself then you should compare the price of built-in Bluetooth to that of an aftermarket kit.


Cruise Control

Cruise control may not necessarily add value to your car but it can be a practical addition to your car. If you do a lot of motorway driving then cruise control is very useful for taking some of the strain out of your journey. It is particularly handy when you get into average speed check areas if you are driving on a flat area as it can keep you from accidentally going over the speed limit. What's more, because you won't need to accelerate or brake as much to keep your speed right, it can be useful for fuel economy. It may not necessarily have a direct effect on the value of your car but it can make it more appealing to potential buyers.