Breakdown cover offers tremendous peace of mind on the road. With it, you know you can call a professional who will arrive at the scene and aim to get you driving again, day or night, rain or shine.

However, what happens if your car cannot be fixed by the roadside, and needs to be taken to a garage for repairs? One common question is: Who covers the cost of parts and labour?

The short answer is that in most cases, you will need to cover the costs of any replacement parts - e.g. a new alternator. You will also have to pay for the labour needed to fit any new parts.


What about parts provided by the breakdown cover provider?

Your breakdown cover provider may have the necessary part(s) with them to get you back on the road - for example, a new fan belt or battery. As with garages, these parts would be chargeable to you, unless your breakdown cover includes parts and labour cover.

Naturally, the cost of replacement car parts can vary tremendously, ranging from a fan belt that costs a few pounds, to a brand-new transmission that costs several thousand. Such costs are outside the scope of a standard breakdown cover policy.

Parts and labour cover

However, it is possible in some instances to get breakdown cover with parts and labour cover - Some car breakdown policies can be purchased with a 'parts and labour cover' add-on, which means the cost of parts and labour are covered by the breakdown insurer, minus any excess.


What does breakdown  cover include?

Breakdown cover is usually provided in one of two ways: vehicle-based, when only a specific vehicle is covered; or personal, which covers any vehicle the covered person is travelling in.

The types of cover offered can vary between insurers.

Find out more about what breakdown cover includes here.


Read your policy document

If you already have breakdown cover, or are shopping around for it, it's critical you read the policy document carefully to know what is and is not covered within the breakdown cover policy.

As mentioned, car parts cover generally isn't included as standard in a breakdown cover policy.


Getting you started

Breakdown cover is considered invaluable by millions of UK motorists due to the peace of mind it affords. But each motorist is responsible for keeping their vehicle in good working order, which in the long term may reduce potentially costly trips to the garage - parts, labour and all.


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